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Chapuis Challenger Chapuis Challenger Richard Barren 1 153 months ago
243 W/105 A-Max 243 W/105 A-Max Jim Moseley 1 153 months ago
Mauser K98 in .303 Mauser K98 in .303 Jason 3 154 months ago
7mmRem Mag 7mmRem Mag Philip Pieterse 4 154 months ago
Bullets and death Bullets and death Bruce Holler 9 154 months ago
shot placement shot placement Bruce Holler 4 154 months ago
Rifle Cal Decisions Rifle Cal Decisions Paul Stronach 6 154 months ago
factory ammo vs group size factory ammo vs group size Bruce Holler 4 155 months ago
GS Custom Bullets GS Custom Bullets Bruce Holler 2 155 months ago
243 Win 105 A-max/Superformance 243 Win 105 A-max/Superformance Jim Moseley 3 155 months ago
What is the best twist reate for the 7mm/280 rem? What is the best twist reate for the 7mm/280 rem? Vincent Yarrow 6 156 months ago
The Knowledge Base The Knowledge Base simon jeffreys 3 156 months ago
Reloaders seminar Reloaders seminar terry walsh 1 156 months ago
From 7Express to 7x64 From 7Express to 7x64 Claude Boissery 1 156 months ago
7mm Remington magnum rifles 7mm Remington magnum rifles Dan Rotar 3 156 months ago
Savage Axis Savage Axis Nathan Foster 2 156 months ago
243  105 A-Max w/Superformance 243 105 A-Max w/Superformance Jim Moseley 7 157 months ago
How to post photo's How to post photo's Nathan Foster 0 158 months ago
Tornadoes in Tarnaki Tornadoes in Tarnaki Claude Boissery 1 158 months ago
Actions Actions Murray McGehan 1 158 months ago
A-Max vs Berger Bullets A-Max vs Berger Bullets Jim Moseley 4 158 months ago
.308 NORMA MAG .308 NORMA MAG Mike Brill 1 159 months ago
Which one, Which one, Chris Rugg 3 159 months ago
.338 Federal .338 Federal Graeme Coats 3 159 months ago
Model 100 .284 magazine Model 100 .284 magazine Craig 2 159 months ago


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.