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Rifles general discussion

TopicAuthorRepliesLast Post
9,3x62 9,3x62 Paolo Consalvi 17 33 months ago
Canted action in my T3x bedding job Canted action in my T3x bedding job Ryan Tockstein 23 33 months ago
Neck up or down Neck up or down Wayne Woodard 1 33 months ago
Win brass & neck up or down Win brass & neck up or down Wayne Woodard 3 33 months ago
Bergara B-14 Rifles Bergara B-14 Rifles Ryan Nafe 6 33 months ago
7mm Sierra Gamechanger 7mm Sierra Gamechanger Mark Slavinski 1 33 months ago
VZ24 options in build VZ24 options in build Randy Leunissen 3 33 months ago
Bending and modifying the Tikka T3 plastic stock Bending and modifying the Tikka T3 plastic stock Magnus Vassbotn 2 34 months ago
.300 PRC .300 PRC Aaron Greiner 1 34 months ago
Repatriation hunting gear Repatriation hunting gear Dale Wilhelm 3 34 months ago
Help with rifle selection Help with rifle selection Bushy 14 34 months ago
One hunting rifle! One hunting rifle! Aussie hunter 30 34 months ago
Brush Gun Test 2 Brush Gun Test 2 Magnus Vassbotn 8 34 months ago
Carbon Fibre Barrels Carbon Fibre Barrels Jack Dunross 7 34 months ago
Brush Gun Test 1 Brush Gun Test 1 Magnus Vassbotn 25 34 months ago
.308 Winchester hack rifle considerations. .308 Winchester hack rifle considerations. Simon Crowther 8 34 months ago
Rossi 92 Stainless Rifles Rossi 92 Stainless Rifles Ryan Nafe 11 34 months ago
50 BMG 50 BMG Joel Macha 0 34 months ago
rechambering rechambering Joel Macha 2 35 months ago
Speer Impact Speer Impact Joshua Mayfield 1 35 months ago
Lithgow la101 22lr Lithgow la101 22lr Mark Whitaker 13 35 months ago
COAL COAL Michael Webb 4 35 months ago
Rifling choice for 308 ? Rifling choice for 308 ? Iain 1 35 months ago
Length vs. Girth Length vs. Girth Scott Struif 11 35 months ago
Gunsmith recommendations New Zealand. Gunsmith recommendations New Zealand. Michael Roach 4 35 months ago


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