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Winchester's New Power Core 95/5

14 Aug 2012
@ 02:23 pm (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Any practical experience with 95/5 solid bullet by Winchester?
Winchester reports it is for deer. They have packaged a "version" for razor back hogs.
But really it is solid-copper hollow point with what they call a power core cavity and will retain close to 100% weight.




15 Aug 2012
@ 12:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Winchester's New Power Core 95/5
Hi Bruce, I have no experience with these yet. No doubt I will get a chance soon enough.

So far, I have found that the various homogenous hollow point bullets have been pretty much the same between brands. The mechanisms of wounding and limitations including velocity/performance cut off points tend to be the same. I am waiting for the day when a manufacturer designs a copper bullet that loses nearly all of its SD, peeling right back to within 20-30% remaining shank for increased trauma at lower velocities, sacrificing a degree of penetration but adequate for medium game. It may not work but I would like to see it. I guess I will have to drill a few right down deep and have a go myself one of these days.
15 Sep 2012
@ 10:43 am (GMT)

Bruce Holler

Re: Winchester's New Power Core 95/5
Video the process and results.

I read about on solid copper bullet that is designed for the pedals to break off and the claim is extra trauma as the broken off pedals cut through the temporary wound cavity.

15 Sep 2012
@ 03:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Winchester's New Power Core 95/5
Hi Bruce, yes I have used that projectile quite a bit. It is the GS Custom brand. The bullet works as its maker suggests. Wounding is however very similar to the Barnes.

The GS is quite easy to work with regarding accuracy, takes a bit longer to do load work though as you have to drop down a powder burn rate and rework loads, ignoring the reloading manuals. This occurs due to the driving band design, takes quite a bit to get it to swage to the bore. The result though, is great accuracy and exceptional velocities. The best run I had was with the 130 grain .308 bullet, was very effective at ordinary hunting ranges.


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