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208 Amax in 3006

05 Sep 2012
@ 08:01 pm (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Been reading some very fast loads on snipers hide claiming up to 2800fps with 58.5 grains off Rl 22. This was there top speed with the amax and was wondering if anyone has any top reloads with heavy bullets in 3006. Having ture flight put a 26 inch barrel on my new toy and wanting to shoot the big amax at about 2600 if it is safe in the rifle. Im not trying to push the rifle to breaking point just wondering if there are better powders to try. 2209 can't be the only good powder for the 3006?.


06 Sep 2012
@ 09:56 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 208 Amax in 3006
Hi Lee, the current True-Flite barrel design employs 6 grooves and canted lands. The canted lands reduce bullet deformation while the number of grooves aids control of the bullet in lieu of the decreased reforming.

In the .30-06, based on the current button and reamer design TF are using, the velocity for your 26" barrel with a 178-180 grain bullet will be 2800-2850fps using somewhere between 56.5-58 grains 2209 (H4350). I don't see any reason why you will not be able to drive the 208 grain A-0Max at 2600fps with this configuration.

To increase power, you need a longer, slower pressure curve. The best powder for this is Superformance which has a burn rate identical to 2213sc (H4831sc) but a higher bulk density. The powder kernels are very small. The only problem with this, is that there is a bit of a supply problem in NZ at the moment. In time this will be remedied. Superformance may allow you to crack 2700fps.

To some extent, the .30-06 Ackley Improved has a role here. Its increase in powder capacity is very small and velocity gains are often marginal but the one thing it can do is fit in quite a bit of slow burning powder if a low BD powder is used.

Of course the problem occurs that we sometimes go into such things with too high expectations "If I can just get to 2700fps.... maybe I can push it to 2750fps". In such instances, a .300 Magnum is much more practical. Round count versus personal budget/disposable income should be your key deciders here. If high volume shooting is to be expected on a low to mild budget, the .30-06 is the way to go.

If however you are only going to be firing 100-200 rounds per year, the .300 Winchester Magnum would fit the bill. But at the same time, recoil will be higher. It seems there is no free lunch.

If you load the 208 grain A-Max to 2600fps in the .30-06, the trajectory will be near identical to the 7mm-08. Very user friendly out to about 640-700 yards (1800fps), requiring a higher degree of skill (wind/environment) to connect at ranges of 700-1000 yards. The beauty of the 208 grain bullet is that you will have a good bush/woods load at the same time as a good long range load.

07 Oct 2012
@ 03:19 am (GMT)

Lee Minhinnick

Re: 208 Amax in 3006
Got some Alliant rl 17 and 208 amax bullets yesterday from reloaders thanks to Dan. Loaded up some reloads and tested them today for velocity only. My rifle I used is a savage with a 24inch barrel. The rifle is a rear locking action so didnt won't to put hot loads through it. Some pleaseing results and some unanswered questions.

Bass PMP
Powder Rl 17
Bullet 208amax
Primer Federal large rifle

Starting load at 51 grains

Shot 1 2482 fps
Shot 2 2475
Shot 3 2473

52 grains

Shot 1 2470 fps
Shot 2 2450
Shot 3 2508

53 grains

Shot 1 2491 fps
Shot 2 2243 ????????
Shot 3 2538

54 grains

Shot 1 2557 fps
Shot 2 2566
Shot 3 2553

Stoped loads at this point and will load up to 56 grains and sure 2600 fps will be easy to get with the 26inch barrel and the remingtons stronger action. The chrony was put about 1.5 metres in frount of the muzzle. The second shot of 53 grains lefted me puzzled but put in for all to see. Im thinking 55 to 56 grains will be the max that the case will hold before the powder starts to get crushed when the loads are loaded at 80mm long as the magazine in the savage only allowed this for max length, might be able to load them a bit longer in the remington. Getting the rifle back from tureflight soon. Hope this helps someone
07 Oct 2012
@ 03:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 208 Amax in 3006
The odd reading comes from having the chrony too close, way too close.

At 1.5m or 5 feet, true velocities are often incorrect, random low velocities are common and ES measurements are often incorrect. The blast waves shorten the life of the crony and with magnums, the face of the chrony corrodes from powder residues. I see that the ES on your loads is already fairly settled which is good but still needs to be measured at a correct distance.

The same incorrect readings occur at 7 feet, even for the .308, the blast wave is a little easier on the chrony.

At 9 feet, the readings settle, velocities are correct, no high/low readings, ES settles, blast wave has no ill effect on the chrony long term.

Will be intersting to study case capacity of PMP and malleability of the brass in comparison to Winchester or Hornady brass. Normally, Win or Hornady have the highest case capacity combined with greatest strength. Brass certainly differs from brand to brand, for example Prvi (Highland) has heavy case walls but is a very soft brass.



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