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What is Rifle Bedding?

Rifle bedding is fundamental to rifle accuracy. The term bedding refers to the fit and stability of a barreled action within the rifle stock. If the fit and stability of the metal work in relationship to the stock is poor, the rifle will be in-accurate. Bedding a rifle with epoxy resin is the optimum method of obtaining a correct fit, long term stock stability and optimum rifle accuracy.

In order for a rifle to shoot accurately, the number one rule is that everything needs to be the same with each shot. There are several variables to rifle accuracy and each variable must be addressed. The shooter needs to be in the same position for each shot, each cartridge must be the same as the one before it, and the scope must hold the same zero while the rifle needs to produce the same results each and every time.

With every shot, the barreled rifle action moves and vibrates within the rifle stock. The best way to picture the barrel is by using the analogy of a baseball pitcher. As the pitcher throws his ball, the slightest difference in his point of release will change the point of impact at the batter. The rifle barrel is just the same and "whips" with each shot. If the barrel is unable to whip the same way each time, the bullet will strike to a different point of impact.

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Hold that Forend!
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Ryan, I am experienced with the 338 Win. Mag. I got it to hunt Nilgai Antelope. Nathan guided me to using very large, but soft bullets. Mine works great. It does have recoil but with the use of a straight combed stock and a #5 contour barrel I find it to be just fine. I don't take it to the range and bang away with it but I do shoot it regularly when ammo is available. Because I wasn't as confident in the softer 285 grain ELD-M load that Nathan gave me, I used 250 grain Swift A-F...
- Lane Salvato - 11:58PM
If you get the right pigment it should work well. Try the ones they use for fiberglass epoxy, they're designed to work in glues. But as above, use a clear glue to start with. With the redgum, cut it to size now and let it sit for a while. Redgum moves around a bit so you need to let it settle before putting it on the handle. Ironbark is pretty solid once it's seasoned. I haven't used tallowood so can't say anything about it. cheers W
- Warrick Edmonds - 3:20PM


Achieve success with the long range hunting book series & matchgrade bedding products
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What is the best cartridge & projectile for long range hunting?

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges guides you through the process of choosing a cartridge and a projectile which suits you and your goals - step by step.  This book, like many of Nathan’s books and writings, takes the approach that there is no need for you to be told which is the best cartridge for you - you can answer that question for yourself once you know how. 

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Hi Nathan, the Practical Guide to Hunting Cartridges is a fantastic read and more than that, it is a reference manual! This is a book that I’ll be going back to for information time and time again, like old reloading manuals!  Brilliant Nathan, thank you!! 

A.F, Canada


Successful long range hunting requires an accurate rifle. Pretty obvious really.

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles draws on the vast experience of Nathan Foster and provides a completely fresh approach to the subject of the long range hunting rifle.  It educates the reader about basic rifle engineering and the physics involved in accurate shooting - covering 31 different topics right through to the final result - the ultimate long range hunting tool.

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I am writing to say that have I received and read your book, cover to cover. What an eye opener. I wish I had read it prior to purchasing my current rifle. Still I will now work towards a stable, well constructed .308 platform based on your sage observations.

Shawn Sturland, U.S
long range hunting rifles
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Learn how to make accurate hand loaded ammunition!

The Practical Guide to Reloading takes you right through the hand loading process, explaining the different types of equipment and the hand loading process from top to bottom.  The tool list covers basic items for those on a limited budget right through to advanced equipment.  It then details a step by step process of making ammunition that is specifically tailored to your rifle allowing you to extract every last bit of accuracy from your rifle.

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You know what the difference is Nathan, you speak to folk in a manner that they understand. You can't get this kind of information elsewhere. I think this will always be the difference. You speak to your readers in layman's terms.

S Newton


Learn how to turn your rifle into a tack driver and keep it that way!

This book looks at how to fine tune a rifle into a highly accurate tool.  If your current rifle isn’t performing to an adequate standard then you will have clear steps to either rectify problems or ascertain whether parts (eg barrel) replacement is required.  The maintenance section of this book has crucial information for long term care of the rifle, helping to maximize barrel life while preventing corrosion. Sub sections of this book also deal with self loading rifle and lever action rifle care.

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Nathan, just wanted to say that although I have been an armourer in the British Army for 20 years, your books have opened my eyes to long range hunting and rifle accuracy outside of military teaching. It has become blatantly apparent that military thinking is years behind in both technical and user training. I am actively encouraging armourers and users to read your books and check out your website.
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The worlds foremost online resource for information on hunting cartridges, projectiles and their use on medium to large game.

The information on this website is not an ordinary, general overview of hunting cartridges. This knowledgebase is the culmination of 20 years intensive field research and as new bullet designs emerge, this research continues. 

The database on this website is and will be updated accordingly.

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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.