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Remington 700 CDL DM

19 Oct 2012
@ 10:55 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

I am about to order another Remington. This time in 300 WM for Asian Buffalo and long range pigs.

I am looking at the CDL DM. 26" barrel and 7.6lb without scope. Not too light and not too heavy for a walk around rifle. I will use my Nightforce 3.5-15x50 scope.

Does the DM (detatchable mag) restrict the COL for using 208gr A-MAX?

Thanks Mark


21 Oct 2012
@ 02:59 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Don't know about the DM restrictions, but it seems like the 208 Amax would be a tad light for a buffalo. Wouldn't a heavier bullet like the Barnes be a better choice?
22 Oct 2012
@ 07:22 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Hi Mark, the DM model is 90mm internally (thanks Dan).

You'll need to seat to 89mm for smooth feeding.

This is just a tad too short for seating the 208gr A-Max close to the lands. It would be OK with the 178gr A-Max as this has a shorter Ogive but alas, not the wonderful 208gr bullet.

Just keep in mind, the .300 is on the light side for bovines, its like a .222 on deer. So neck shots will be the key with Barnes or Woodleigh bullets.
23 Oct 2012
@ 03:25 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Thanks Nathan.

So I gather that the hinged floor plate model will take a longer COL?

I have my old & trusty River No 1 in 375 H&H. I will keep using this for Buffs and just use the 300 WM for long range.

Some of the places I go around the Gulf of Carpentier the closest you can get to heards of pigs is more than 1km. Very common in the flood plain country behind the mangrove river edges.

23 Oct 2012
@ 02:41 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Hi Mark, yes the magazine is 94mm internally. Can fit a 93mm long cartridge.

Yeah, the .375 is the go. That said, its all about expectations. For example, my hack .308 can handle any job I put it to, a scrub bull is no problem, a careful head shot and job done. But on a trophy hunt, that could mean a damaged Horn. Guys new to the .300's often the assume that the .300 WM cartridge is extremely powerful and capable of shoulder shots on the heaviest of game. Some folk have a yearning to hunt the top end and will buy a .300 for the single purpose of hunting water buffalo with shoulder shots. A buff is located and stalked, multiple shots put through its shoulders and the animal eventually succumbs. A single neck shot would have been sufficient and effective, but many hunters simply do not know this.

So expectations and methods (shot placement) have a pronounced effect on results. This understanding allows greater flexibility. If you want to hunt the top end with one rifle and dual loads, it can be done. But if shoulder shots on buffy the tourist slayer are expected, the .375 comes out to play.

Once we get into the big bores, a good rule is to try and keep velocities high. For me, the higher the better. There was a time when 2400fps was the go, simply to make sure the bullet did not fall apart and let us down. Nowadays we have very reliable bullets. I trust Woodleigh bullets implicitly. The Barnes bullets can handle the same treatment.

For any New Zealander's reading this (or Vic during winter etc). When doing load development for the top end, make a hot water bottle up to 40 degrees C, put this in a 6 pack cooler bag or some other kind of insulated container. Put your ammo in the container and let the ammo temp rise to 40C before testing loads. Test over a warm barrel (two or three foulers)
24 Oct 2012
@ 08:09 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Thanks Nathan,

I have been using Sierra 300gr Spitzer for years on Buffalo with good results. I will try the Woodleigh Hydrostatically Stabilised 300gr.

I check a Howa 300WM yesterday, but it only had a 24" barrel and the magazine looked like it would only take 86mm COL.

I think I will go with a Remington SPS, practice bedding the stock and then get a GRS stock and bed it.

25 Oct 2012
@ 09:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Ok, I would prefer you used a Woodleigh PP, solids as back up if need be (though I have used PP for back up with no probs). Please read the 'Effects of the meplat' article in the Knowledge base. Combine your past experience with the Meplat article info, then make a decision.

As for stocks, please study the heel of the butt stock in question- in relation to the line of the bore. If the heel is very low, the rifle will recoil more than it should, regardless of whether the rifle has an adjustable cheek piece. Compare the design in question with other long range/varmint designs. Then make a decision after careful analysis. These are the sort of subjects covered in the new book on the site if you need more info (hows that for a sales pitch!).
27 Oct 2012
@ 05:42 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Remington 700 CDL DM
Mark, I forgot to mention. Internal mag length of the Howa LA is 90mm. Usable cartridge length (smooth feeding) is 89mm.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.