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Shipping & Delivery

Wherever possible we provide flat-priced delivery rates to keep things as simple as possible. Shipping prices are shown within the shopping carts before check out. Customers can therefore view the cost of products plus shipping before having to check out.

Please note that delivery prices (especially international) are subject to change without notice. If you have placed an order for an item at a delivery rate that has subsequently changed and we are unable to deliver the order, we will immediately notify you and check whether you would like to proceed with the order based on the updated delivery rate. In this instance, we will also give you the option of cancelling your order with a full refund provided.

Delivery times are as follows:

Ebooks - Instant / automatic. If you do not receive your ebook immediately after your purchase, please check your email spam folder. Please also check that you used the correct email address when making your order (a common mistake). If your email address is incorrect, you will not receive your ebook link, in which case we will need to process your order via personal email communication.

Paperback books - These are printed in the U.S, France, Australia and the UK. Books are dispatched from the printer nearest to your location. Printing takes approximately two to three days following your order, after which the books are dispatched and depending on your country, will arrive between one week (U.S) and three weeks (isolated Northern Europe locations). In most situations we use tracked e.g. UPS ground shipping. Exceptions are as follows:

For South African orders, we use expedited shipping to ensure non corrupted delivery.

For Australia, we use untracked mail (we guarantee delivery) due to unpredictable and exhorbitant charges if using a courier to such locations as Darwin.

In all other instances, tracking info is not automatically generated by Lulu and sent to our customers but is instead sent to us (the origin of the order). We can however provide tracking details from our own records via email request: Please use the contact page if you wish to request tracking but please allow a few days for printing and initial dispatch.

We also stock books here at our business location in Taranaki for NZ national orders. These are dispatched once and sometimes twice weekly. Delivery time is normally two to three days via DX mail services. Tracking details are held with DX but can be obtained via request.

Bedding kits, stabilizer kits and dies - These are dispatched from our business location in Taranaki, once per week. Our national service takes approximately two to three days for delivery. Tracking details are held with DX. If you have lost an item, please contact us for tracking. Our international service is very fast with packages expected to arrive inside one week. On the day of an international dispatch, an automated email with tracking details is sent to the recipient via our courier service.

Please note that we will not provide any other details of our dispatch days or other business activities for security reasons. We take care to avoid predictable routines. Also note that in order to be of service to you as field researchers, we cannot make daily deliveries. We hope that our customers can understand our situation. 


Achieve success with the long range hunting book series & matchgrade bedding products


We are a small family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing ... read more



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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.