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Rifle Accurizing Services

At Terminal Ballistics Research we have become well known for taking poor performing rifles and turning them into highly accurate tools. Whether the hunter is contemplating buying a new or second hand rifle or wishes to build a custom rifle from the ground up, we offer building and accurizing service.
Factory rifle accurizing
Factory rifle accurizing involves bedding, stock stabilizing of plastic gun stocks, trigger alterations , lapping the bore and test shooting along with load development for hand loaders.
Our accurising services are also built into tutorial packages:

Day tutorials

Long range tutorial hunts
Accurising package:
  • Bed action
  • Stabilize plastic gun stock if necessary
  • Tune trigger to 1.5lb
  • Free float barrel
  • Lap bore
  • Test fire with supplied ammunition or reloading components
  • Araldyte scope bases and fit optics
  • Develop drop charts for long range rifles
Labour content, regardless of rifle style or configuration averages 35 hours labour.

Price: $800 (plus cost of reloading consumables unless supplied)

Please note: Occasionally, rifles are found to have fundamental flaws in the metal work. If the metal work is at fault, the client will need to decide between trading the rifle (selling the rifle cheaply as a project platform for a custom builder) or re-barreling and truing the action. We use True-Flite barrels exclusively. As always, the client has full control over all such decisions.

We also perform bedding work on its own.  Bedding without test shooting / load work is charged at $360 (12 hours labor plus consumables).

For further reading including how you can hone your own skills, please refer to the knowledge base.
Further discussion on pricing can be found in the forums on the thread 'Rifle accurizing services' located in the rifles, general discussion section.

Custom Builds

Custom builds are typically based on a suitable donor action (Remington/ Sako AV/ Howa etc), a True-Flite barrel, factory or aftermarket rifle stock, bedding, trigger work (or replacement) combined with Sightron or Nightforce optics. Test shooting and/or load development complete this service. Cost is very much dependent on the budget of the hunter versus the features the hunter wants incorporated into the build. Custom rifles normally cost between $2600 and up to $7000 if Nightforce optics are utilized (@+$3000). Where a donor action and optics are supplied, the typical cost of building a custom rifle averages $1800.



I purchased a Savage 7mm08 rifle in 2008 and after much frustration, the best I could get it to group was approximately 12” at 100 yards. After having the rifle accurised, I was able to obtain .75” groups at 100 yards- what a difference. Recently, I shot goats at over 400 yards, all one shot kills. Thank you very much for accurising my rifle and helping me through what was initially a frustrating ordeal.
Ognish Ghoshal

I own a synthetic stocked Mossberg ATR 100 rifle .270 caliber. The rifle was shooting approximately 1 to 1.5MOA but during the course of a hunt, the point of aim shifted, incredibly frustrating. Now that the rifle is accurised and the plastic stock stiffened, the rifle is averaging .675” at 100 yards with factory ammunition and achieving even better results with hand loads!
Malcolm Hurst

Malcolm's Mossberg after bedding
I have been shooting a Tikka Laminate stainless .30-06 for both hunting but more so, now that I am older, for NZDA competition shoots and in any competition where light weight rifles are allowed. Since accurising, the Tikka now shoots 5mm centers at 100 yards with the 175 grain VLD. I am achieving placings in all of my shoots. Thank you very much for squeezing every ounce of accuracy potential out of the Tikka.
Arthur Williams

Hi Nathan.
It is nearly 12 months since you worked on my Howa/Hogue .308. I just wanted to update you. I am still rapt with it. Recently I shot an 8.3mm 3 shot group at 100m. (Hornady 150gr SST, 43gr AR2206H. I Just read you barrel break in article and really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to share your hard won knowledge.
Thanks again mate.
Dan Keene.

(Note: This is the rifle seen in the MatchGrade bedding/ stabilizing tutorial pictures. NF.)

"I shot a 6 shot group with my 7mm Practical at 1000 yards a few nights ago.  Wind speeds were around 12mph.  The group measured 3.5" exactly"
Glenn Williams

Borden Practical for web

(Note: I think thats as much a testimony to Glenn's shooting as it is to the accurizing. NF)

"Just got in from finally finding time to do some shooting. After reading you article 'hold that forend' several times, I gave it a go. I was shocked at the small grouped target. I shot 3 rounds at this target and swear I could only see 2 shots on the papaer. I knew I hit it 3 times. I thought it was a fluke so shot another round."

(Tricked up Sendero 7mm rem Mag, the 4 shot group Baz described is pictured below)

Target 1 Baz


I tricked up a factory Remington 5R .308 for Dan Keene in 2012 (featured in the book, The Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Rifles). We changed out the stock, bedded the rifle, lapped the lugs, replaced the trigger and worked up loads.

Dans R5 with B&C 2958 stocck web small

Dan was very happy with the rifle and managed to bag a goat at 800 yards which we recorded on video and put on youtube with autopsy details. A year on, he is still beaming as the below email relates:

Hi Nathan,
Did I ever say how pleased I am with my 308?
You did such a good job.
Thank you...

Dans group



Achieve success with the long range hunting book series & matchgrade bedding products


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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.