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TopicAuthorRepliesLast Post
Ad nauseam question Ad nauseam question Scott Struif 27 35 months ago
Lever gun options Lever gun options Michael Roach 9 35 months ago
Sabbati rover 270 win / mountain rifle Sabbati rover 270 win / mountain rifle Joel Brown 0 35 months ago
Remington 738 Remington 738 Paul Leverman 4 36 months ago
Bitten by the Medium Bore Bug Bitten by the Medium Bore Bug Luke Lahdenranta 27 36 months ago
Bedding A Tikka T3/T3x Bedding A Tikka T3/T3x Matt Vincent 7 36 months ago
Speer .243 90 Grain Hot-Cor? Speer .243 90 Grain Hot-Cor? Ryan Nafe 5 36 months ago
Copper for replacment of 22LR lead ammo Copper for replacment of 22LR lead ammo Warwick Marflitt 3 36 months ago
Cheaper rifle bore scope available Cheaper rifle bore scope available Robert McLean 19 36 months ago
.375 Ruger - handloading .375 Ruger - handloading Alan Powell 0 36 months ago
Superformance powder Superformance powder dennis phillips 6 36 months ago
Smoke & mirrors Smoke & mirrors Scott Struif 20 36 months ago
.35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum .35-300 WSM vs. .358 Norma Magnum John D. Hays - New Mexico 3 36 months ago
Trigger dillema Trigger dillema Scott Struif 18 36 months ago
Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences Barrett Fieldcraft Experiences MARK RIETZ 3 36 months ago
New path New path Peter Potroz 3 36 months ago
Possibly an Odd Bore Possibly an Odd Bore Ryan Nafe 3 36 months ago
Accurate Powder Recall Accurate Powder Recall Frank Vallich 0 36 months ago
Range question Range question Scott Struif 3 37 months ago
Twisted logic Twisted logic Scott Struif 12 37 months ago
 Browning Xbolt 270 win Browning Xbolt 270 win Michael Roach 8 37 months ago
6.5x55 first time reloading 6.5x55 first time reloading Warwick Marflitt 36 37 months ago
.22 LR Questions .22 LR Questions Ryan Nafe 6 37 months ago
Call for Help Call for Help Paul Leverman 27 37 months ago
MERRY CHRISTMAS MERRY CHRISTMAS Warwick Marflitt 7 37 months ago


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.