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Bench Mark 8208

04 Sep 2012
@ 10:10 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker


Having bought a Remington "Mountain SS" in 7mm-08, I am now starting to develop hunting rounds for it and 223 VSSF I have recently acquired, (once the Redding competition dies arrive from the US, $US215 compared to $AUD550 here in Oz).

ADI have just released "Bench Mark 8208" and their loading data looks good from the 7mm-08 for the A-Max 162 gr (for pigs and extended range Deer, more than 250m). I also have Hornady V-Max 120 gr for the small Deer at short range we have here in Far North Queensland.

AR2208 looks the best for the 120 gr V-Max and the A-Max 52 gr I have for the 223 Remington VSSF.

Have you used the new BM 8208 yet and do you think the above powders and projectiles are a good start?

Just as an update on my rifles, (I will post findings once I have data to share), the 223 VSSF I bought second hand it it had a worked early Remington Trigger already on it. Crisp and light pull and I have put this on the 7mm-08. I have ordered a Jewell for the VSSF and this should arrive this week. I have also ordered a Nightforce 3.5-15x50 Zero Stop with NP-2DD reticle for this rifle with Nightforce base and light weight rings in .885". I am planning to get this rifle as accurate as possible, hopefully "Minute of Rabbit Head" at 250m, Lapua and Norma brass (I have both) and 52gr A-Max. I was lucky to find Norma 223 55gr loaded rounds at the local shop for $20 a box, so I grabbed all they had, 140 rounds. This ended up being far cheaper then Norma unprimmed brass!

With the 7mm-08, I have put a Leupold VX-Hog 1-4x20 as I already have this and I will use this scope initially as I get the rifle up to scratch. I will be using Norma brass and I have 40 rounds of Factory loaded Federal 150 gr for initial shooting.

Once again thanks for putting your time into this sight and sharing your knowledge.



04 Sep 2012
@ 10:38 am (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Bench Mark 8208
Nathan, I agree with you regarding new rifle quality control and "Legal" triggers.

The Remington "Mountain SS" I just bought in 7mm-08 had a "X-Mark Pro" adjustable trigger as standard.

I have spent 8 hours adjusting this trigger try to "Adjust" it to a satisfactory and safe setting.

Adjusting the Trigger Weight grub screw makes no difference at all from fully "In" to fully "out". There might be a very small Pull Weight adjustability of approx 1/2 a pound, nothing like the so called 2 pound range it should have.

They only we to lighten the Trigger Pull was to adjust the sear grub screw - NOT SAFE

Unfortunately gunsmiths here was $300 AUD for a trigger job, so I bought a Jewell and if I sell any of my Remingtons at a later date, this trigger will go with it!

Just to add, (for those other then Nathan - unsolicited gurus - no insult intended for anyone but this is the internet!) I have been shooting for over 40 years and have had may rifles and adjusted many triggers including my Ruger #1 in 375 H&H I have had for 30 years. This trigger took about 4 hours to get right including honing the sear which I did long ago it it still works fine. I may not be a "Gunsmith" or but I can adjust a trigger.


04 Sep 2012
@ 04:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bench Mark 8208
Hi Mark, I tried several powders and 2208 (Varget) has proven the best in the 7mm08.

In the .223, I have used a lot of 2206 (I now use 2206H). I have also used quite a bit of 2207. Benchmark 2 is very good also. Now there is 2219 which is probably superior to what I have used in the past but I have yet to test it. I have no experience with this BM8208. Velocities will most likely be similar to those encountered with 2206 (burn rate between 2206H and BM2) But I would hazard a guess that its temperature insensitivity will not only aid evening out velocities in extreme temperatures but also help keep ES low from shot to shot.

Not much help sorry but thanks for bringing this to my attention.
19 Oct 2012
@ 11:02 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Bench Mark 8208
Brass and 162gr A-MAX has finally arrived 2 months backordered.

I will load up some rounds and get to the range in the next few weeks and report back with the results using BM8208 in both 223 & 7mm-08.



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