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Which Bell & Carlson Stock for a 7mm Rem Mag

25 Jul 2012
@ 08:57 pm (GMT)


Hi all,

Rifle - REm 700 Sps 7mm RM
Issue - Moving in light weight plastic stock giving 3 distinct PIOs
Proposed Action - Fit Bell & Carlson Medialist series stock
Question - Which one

In the absence of being able to practically get my rifle over to Nathan in NZ and get him to work the stock I am looking at fitting a B&C Medalist series stock. They come with aluminium bedding blocks and write ups indicate they are good to go.

Having said that there are three variants ranging in weight from 2.25lb down to 1.75lb. They are a Weatherby style, a "classic" and an alpine light weight. My limited knowledge indicates that given teh same shooting technique etc that the Weatherby style due to both design and weight will kick less than the others. And the the lighter ones kick more but are easy to carry.

My experience with shooting the 7mm RM in the existing palstic stock is that the recoil on a bench didn't really concern me and it didn't bother my technique.

So what is the opion, should I go for safety and choose a Weatherby knock off or go light at about nearly a pound lighter.

All answers greatly appreciated and considered.




30 Jul 2012
@ 09:58 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Which Bell & Carlson Stock for a 7mm Rem Mag
Hi Danny, often when I go to the range, I have two or three rifles to test. On one occasion, I had a Weatherby Vanguard 7mm RM (Howa) in a B&C stock to shoot along with a Howa in 7mm RM with a rare model stock of a straight recoiling design (looked like a plastic version of the sendero stock). Without a doubt, the Weatherby style B&C stock recoiled a great deal more than the straight recoiling design. The difference was pronounced.

That is the trouble with monte carlo stocks with a degree of drop at the heel of the butt. A good example of a straight recoiling stock design is the Boyds Laminate. There is minimal drop, the recoil pad is as high as practical.

The 'Remington Varmint' is a good B&C stock- but it only comes in short action. I don't know why B&C do not make a long version. HS make a long version, essentially the Sendero stock. McMillan also make this style stock along with the A3 which is a very basic straight recoiling no BS tactical stock. But if you are on a limited budget, the Boyds Laminate is the way to go.


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