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Powder Scale Powder Scale Joshua Mayfield 3 3 hours ago
work boots? work boots? Thomas Kitchen 14 3 days ago
Good steel for making knives Good steel for making knives Trace Jacoby 2 27 days ago
Knife sharpening Knife sharpening Richard Butler 20 27 days ago
Muzzle Break .375 Muzzle Break .375 alan wozniak 6 27 days ago
building Nathan's bowie knife building Nathan's bowie knife Warrick Edmonds 24 28 days ago
Cold weather gloves Cold weather gloves James Milnes 12 1 month ago
Cheap Smart Phone Camera Mount for Scope Cheap Smart Phone Camera Mount for Scope Todd Free 5 1 month ago
Spotlights Spotlights Warwick Marflitt 1 2 months ago
Shooting bags. Shooting bags. Warwick Marflitt 1 3 months ago
Show your Favorite Knife? Show your Favorite Knife? Lane Salvato 20 4 months ago
Show us your gear Show us your gear Andrew Murray 1 5 months ago
Mockingbird Hill Forge Knife Mockingbird Hill Forge Knife Joshua Mayfield 3 6 months ago
PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades G. Woodsman 23 6 months ago
gun safe heaters gun safe heaters Warwick Marflitt 7 6 months ago
Tourbon Outdoor gear. Tourbon Outdoor gear. Andrew Murray 0 second ago
Carrying a fixed blade knife? Carrying a fixed blade knife? Kai Larson 7 7 months ago
caldwell chrony caldwell chrony Thomas Kitchen 11 7 months ago
pikau pikau Mike Davis 3 8 months ago
Sandbags Sandbags Christopher Howse 25 9 months ago
Cheek Wallet Cheek Wallet Andrew Murray 3 11 months ago
variable speed grinder/polisher variable speed grinder/polisher Thomas Kitchen 2 11 months ago
home made tumbler home made tumbler Thomas Kitchen 13 11 months ago
consistency press pressure consistency press pressure Thomas Kitchen 1 14 months ago
Knife Knife Michael Neeson 57 17 months ago


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.