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What's Your Favorite Backpack?

20 Nov 2018
@ 05:46 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

What do you carry when you're in the field? $ 500 Mystery Ranch, or $ 25 Wal-Mart special? What's most important to you in a backpack?


20 Nov 2018
@ 10:48 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

Re: What's Your Favorite Backpack?
Camelback M.U.L.E.

-water bladder pocket
-YKK zippers

In the MULE I can fit:

-first aid kit
-fire starter kit
-epi pen
-bug dope
-bug net
-long sleeve micro fleece
-head torch
-x-small rifle cleaning kit
-8 rounds ammo
-extra batteries for torch, range finder and wolf-eyes light
-1/4 roll TP
-food for the day
-3L water
-zip ties
-spare swivels

21 Nov 2018
@ 05:06 pm (GMT)

Lane Salvato

Re: What's Your Favorite Backpack?
Thanks Todd.
21 Nov 2018
@ 06:04 pm (GMT)

Chris Murphy

Re: What's Your Favorite Backpack?
After back surgery I decided I needed a new pack and went with an eblastock J34 and love it. Having the built in scabid is great putting all the weight on my hips


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