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Shooting Tutorials

Hard lessons that pay off

For many years, Nathan Foster has taught shooters how to excel beyond the levels taught by other shooting schools worldwide. The main focus is to teach shooters how to achieve clean killing (as opposed to hitting a target) under real world conditions and in adverse environments. Shooters are taught the fundamentals of both rifle accuracy and marksmanship. Students are taught how to get on target and make a kill with minimum fuss and without being handicapped by superfluous technology. 
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Please note that as of 2018, the structure of our tutorials has changed. To begin with, the three day shoots / hunts are currently unavailable.  Training courses are now taken on a day by day basis.

Due to a number of customers wanting to use utterly hopeless rifles on our tutorial course with unnecessary add-ons that merely dumb down skills, it has become apparent that a proportion of potential customers are not serious about learning and unappreciative of expert advice, nor can they recognize it. Therefore, I am now raising the prices of the courses by a large margin.

It seems that only through a measure of pain (via the wallet) that people perceive something as having any value. For a long time now, I have taught shooters how to be better than the so called best. But after seeing so much apathy within this current generation of shooters, I will no longer cater to fence sitters. Either you want to learn and achieve excellence or you don’t. There is no sitting on the fence with what I teach. I was quite happy charging minimal fees for our services. I dislike charging beyond the means of the average man, beyond his hourly rate. But I’ll be damned if I am going to invest any more time in creating average shooters who do not take my work seriously.

Walking the walk versus talking the talk

"Learn via our expert modular systems and enhanced training dynamics utilizing the latest innovations and technology"

Does the above statement sound like bullshit to you? Well it should and if it doesn't, it means that you are so well fed on a diet of marketing hype, that you need to start fresh. The goal is to kill, not intellectually debate the target to death.

If you wish to take part in one of my tutorials, enter the tutorial with the understanding that up to 99% of what you think you know about rifles or shooting technique is possibly utter bullshit. If you come to me, you come to me to learn, not espouse what you know about various rifles or cartridges, feet per second, bullet stability, the longest shot on record or whatever. This applies especially to those of you who are already considered experts in various aspects of the shooting industry, whether soldier, police or civilian. You must empty your mind to learn from me. I can take you far beyond what others teach but you need to be in the right head space for this.  A fresh canvas is the easiest for me, the more experienced the shooter, the more I have to break down past learning before we can rebuild new habits. The more experienced you are, the more you may feel intimidated by this process, you may feel that I am overly harsh and critical but again, this is about excellence. Either you want it or you don’t. Don’t waste my time if you don’t.

To arrange a tutorial, you will need to contact me to discuss the rifle you wish to bring. The rifle needs to be clean and basic in design, not some Christmas tree covered with add-ons with a half inch threaded muzzle that is swollen before we even get started or with an equally thin fluted barrel that is also swollen in the fluted section. Keep your rifle basic.

With regards to recoil, I will teach you how recoil is one of the very last things you need to be concerned about. When I am done with you, recoil should be a non-issue in all but the largest of calibers. Do not bring any form of recoil taming device to your tutorial unless stated otherwise.

You will need to read the book series before the tutorial (a great aid to rifle selection). This means actually reading the books (read as far as you can versus your current abilities), not simply buying them and dumping them on your coffee table. Reading the books saves me having to repeat a lot of information to you, allowing more time to be put into helping you with practical application.

We will spend most of our time at the 100 yard range. If all goes well, we may then reach out long. But that depends on how well you are going.

I consider myself kind, patient and supportive. I truly give a shit about your success. If you cannot shoot to save yourself, that is just fine, I expect you to make a lot of mistakes. All you have to do is try. But I will not take any nonsense, whether we are talking about rifles or technique. Don’t try to talk the talk with me as I don’t really care about any of it. I simply care about getting you to where you need to be. It is not about me being really likeable, cool, your best friend or whatever. All you have to do is listen and do your best to apply the methods. Your goal is to learn what I teach, then go away and practice until you master the methods. It is only after time and serious acid testing that you will be able to speak from experience and be able to state with authority that this or that method works best. Experience will guide you over opinion. But you must go the full distance and truly master what I teach, not just try, then go back to your old ways. That is not mastery, it is merely dabbling, wasting my time and energy and your money.

Decide, either you want it or you don't

These tutorials are for people who truly want to excel. They are not for folk who want to tame everything down. If you want to shoot a 1lb rifle that produces zero noise and recoil, or in the opposite extreme a 20lb suppressed tactical lego nightmare- go somewhere else. There are dozens of Johnny come lately ex snipers who will happily cater to you. I teach real men (and women) how to shoot real rifles.

I don’t teach folk how to win points or how to be the best at walking shots onto a steel plate. I teach folk how to become more effective at achieving a clean kill. If this is what you want and you are ready to let go of all of the bullshit and truly experience good shooting, I can be contacted via our website contact form.

Day cost: $800

By arrangement.

Nathan Foster.

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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.