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Shooting bags. Shooting bags. Warwick Marflitt 1 15 days ago
building Nathan's bowie knife building Nathan's bowie knife Warrick Edmonds 17 26 days ago
Show your Favorite Knife? Show your Favorite Knife? Lane Salvato 20 1 month ago
Show us your gear Show us your gear Andrew Murray 1 2 months ago
Mockingbird Hill Forge Knife Mockingbird Hill Forge Knife Joshua Mayfield 3 2 months ago
PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades G. Woodsman 23 3 months ago
gun safe heaters gun safe heaters Warwick Marflitt 7 3 months ago
Tourbon Outdoor gear. Tourbon Outdoor gear. Andrew Murray 0 second ago
Carrying a fixed blade knife? Carrying a fixed blade knife? Kai Larson 7 3 months ago
caldwell chrony caldwell chrony Thomas Kitchen 11 4 months ago
Knife sharpening Knife sharpening Richard Butler 18 5 months ago
pikau pikau Mike Davis 3 5 months ago
Sandbags Sandbags Christopher Howse 25 6 months ago
Cheek Wallet Cheek Wallet Andrew Murray 3 8 months ago
variable speed grinder/polisher variable speed grinder/polisher Thomas Kitchen 2 8 months ago
home made tumbler home made tumbler Thomas Kitchen 13 8 months ago
consistency press pressure consistency press pressure Thomas Kitchen 1 11 months ago
Knife Knife Michael Neeson 57 14 months ago
moisture control/small heaters moisture control/small heaters Thomas Kitchen 2 16 months ago
STEEL GONG STEEL GONG Warwick Marflitt 4 17 months ago
Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Greybull Precision Hunting Stock Joshua Mayfield 1 17 months ago
camcorder camcorder jason 13 18 months ago
More knife Questions... More knife Questions... Shawn Bevins 20 20 months ago
Cheap Smart Phone Camera Mount for Scope Cheap Smart Phone Camera Mount for Scope Todd Free 0 second ago
Nathan's Bench Nathan's Bench Todd Free 6 21 months ago


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.