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The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting (Ebook)

The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting (Ebook)
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Learn How to Shoot Straight and How to Shoot Long!

Shooting skills have gone downhill, worldwide - period.

The guns are getting better but the folk behind them are getting worse, much worse.

You can have the best rifle in the world, but if you don’t know how to shoot it - what’s the point?

Whether you want to shoot in close or out long, a sturdy house needs solid foundations. This is the book you need to build a strong foundation in accurate rifle shooting.

If you thought that the other books in this series cut to the core of matters, then wait until you read this book which is perhaps the most controversial book in the entire long range series.

You will not find another book like this elsewhere. Nathan takes the reader under his wing as his personal client and walks the reader through, step by step, starting with the very basics of rifle shooting. Once these core skills are developed, the reader is then taught how to shoot at long ranges, then how to hunt at extended to long ranges. This book also takes a close look at actual hunting / field kit and also teaches readers the basics of field dressing game.
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To say that Nathan Foster is passionate about the subject of accurate shooting is an understatement in the extreme. After teaching shooters for many years, Nathan understands that being a good shot is worlds apart from actually being able to recognize problems and teach people how to shoot. This book passes on these skills and teaches the reader how to shoot accurately in a clear step by step manner.
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This book is a must-read for:
  • Beginners
  • Experienced shooters
  • Rifle collectors
  • Gunsmiths
  • Tactical research organizations   
Note: This book has specific sections for military / tactical operators with key information for instructors.   

To view the table of contents as a pdf, please click here

A Bit More About Nathan

Sarge and I WS
Nathan Foster lives and breathes what he teaches. He has a long established background in the gun industry, recognized for his extensive research and for educating and supporting hunters around the world.
Nathan has taken over 7500 head of game testing the performance of a wide range of cartridges and projectiles and is a worldwide expert in the field of terminal ballistics. His ongoing research has been carefully recorded, analysed and documented in his online cartridge knowledge base for the benefit of all hunters and shooters - as published on this website.
Rifle accurizing and long range shooting are among Nathan’s core specialities and passions. For many years, Nathan has provided both rifle accurizing services and a long range shooting school. Nathan is also the designer of the MatchGrade bedding products and has assisted many 1000's of hunters worldwide to improve their rifle accuracy, shooting technique and hunting success.

You can find out more about Nathan’s background by going here >>

You can view Nathan’s extensive research on cartridge and projectile performance by going here >>

So What's In The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting?

Here is a small preview of what is in the book.
  1. Empty your cup
    The reader starts with a fresh slate. All concepts of what it takes to shoot accurately are stripped away so that the reader starts out with a fresh new perspective.
  2. Learn how to shoot to 100 yards / meters
    This section describes the very basics and forms the solid foundations. 100 yards or meters is where it really counts. Long range range shooting is simply an extension of this.
  3. Learn how to shoot out to 300 yards / meters
    In these sections we learn how to use a rifle under normal hunting conditions. These are foundation skills that are often overlooked by those who wish to shoot long.
  4. Optics
    This section deals with the challenges of long range scope selection and usage. This section also teaches the reader how to calibrate scope turret errors for long range shooting.
  5. Learn how to shoot beyond 300 yards / meters
    In these sections the reader builds on previous skills and learns how to shoot long. The first steps involve learning how to utilize long range ballistics programs before learning how to shoot at extended ranges at targets and finally game.
  6. Long range hunting methods
    After developing long range shooting skills, the reader is taught various hunting methods which can be applied in the field.
  7. Offhand shooting 
    What if you have to take a close range shot? Here we learn how to take shots from standing, sitting, kneeling and prone positions without using field aids.
  8. Kit
    Nathan shares information on head to toe kit lists to help plan both short and long range hunting excursions.
  9. Field dressing game
    There is no point shooting an animal if you do not know how to harvest it. This section teaches the basics of game field dressing.

What Will I Learn From the Book?

After reading this book you will know how to shoot accurately. If you are a shooting instructor, you will be a much better instructor - I promise you. If you are a gunsmith, you will be able to shrink groups down and get jobs out the door and off your back.

You will learn transferable skills which are not taught anywhere else. These skills will allow you to successfully shoot a wide range of rifles and cartridge chamberings regardless of rifle weight or recoil levels.

If you are relatively new to shooting - you will not be left thinking that you are out of your depth and that you cannot achieve the goals set within the book. You will be treated as a personal client.

How Do I Know The Techniques Nathan Teaches Work?

Read this letter from a competitive shooter:

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for helping my team improve our shooting technique. Our team (2 guys, alternately spotting and shooting) clinched an extreme range competition this weekend by a country mile.

The course had 8 stations each with two targets, a close one at between 550m and 800m and a far one between 800m and 1250m, two shots per target. We won by such a margin that effectively we only had to shoot 6 of the 8 courses and we would still have one. We trained hard this past week to perfect your techniques.

Thanks for always making time to help. Jaco.
Jaco team shoot 2 WS
A review from master gunsmith D'Arcy Echols:

Nathan Foster's latest book Long Range Shooting arrived just over a month ago. I unwrapped it from the box and set it on the bench with the intention of not opening it until I got home that evening. That worked for about a half hour. I turned to the introduction and the rest of the day at the bench vise slid slowly off the rails.

I've just finished reading it for the 2nd time. I like the way it is written and while much of the subject matter I have practiced on my own for a lifetime I found other compelling ideas that I want to try. This book is worth much more than the the asking price. I feel it should be in every serious hunters book collection. If the reader is a keen seasoned rifleman and hunter or a novice just starting out the content within these pages will serve the reader well if applied. In time the book should fall open to favorite chapters with its page corners becoming dog eared from use.

While much of the book deals with shooting game at extended ranges the emphasis is always on making an ethical kill and knowing where the individual wall is set for each hunter behind the trigger. You need to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and train before you go the distance. 

I think enough of this book enough to want to include a copy with every Classic or Legend that leaves my shop from this day forward. If the recipient of either rifle reads the text and applies these ideas to their shooting, be it off the end of the muzzle or on the other side of the canyon a lot of the questions I routinely get will already be answered. 

Well done Mr. Foster, very well done.

A beginner's perspective:

Dear Nathan,

I have just bought and read your new book. I am a complete beginner hunter, and worried that your book would be too advanced for me to understand. I was wrong.
Not just the best guide to shooting I've read, but one of the best guides to anything I've read.
I feel like I'm starting down the right path towards gaining new skills. 

Thanks for your work,
Euan, NZ.

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