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The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges (Paperback + Ebook)

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges (Paperback + Ebook)
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What is the Best Cartridge & Projectile for Long Range Hunting?

A simple question.  But one without a simple answer.

To some the question is utterly confusing and overwhelming.  To many others, they just take a punt and hope for the best.  Time and again many people simply end up referring to the university of what such and such said at the gun store - in some instances going round and round in circles trading one rifle for another. 

However - the reality is this ...  

To achieve success at long ranges, you will need the right cartridge.  You need the right tool for the job.  You don’t want to be simply ‘taking a punt’ and hoping for the best.  The right cartridge greatly influences whether you end up with success and food on the table or a red face and wounded game that is walking around suffering.  But where to start?   

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges - Second Edition. By Nathan Foster

Please click here to download the table of contents for this book.

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges guides you through the process of choosing a cartridge and a projectile which suits you and your goals - step by step.  This book, like many of Nathan’s books and writings, takes the approach that there is no need for you to be told which is the best cartridge for you - you can answer that question for yourself once you know how.  

Instead the reader is taught the fundamental principles of long range game killing and is then given a methodical process for selecting the right cartridge based on their goals.  The book looks at the various individual cartridge designs and the advantages and disadvantages of each cartridge so that the reader can then align their needs with an appropriate cartridge and projectile to get the job done.

This book is written in Nathan’s usual frank and humorous style.  He doesn’t pull punches and says it like it is - helping the reader to cut straight to the core of their objectives and the different issues they will face along the way.  It is suitable for all readers regardless of background or shooting or hunting experience and regardless of whether you simply shoot factory ammunition or are an experienced hand loader.  It is not some monotonous text book looking at cartridge line-ups repeating the same old information.  Like the name suggests, it is a practical and highly understandable guide that takes you through all the information necessary to select the right tool for the job.

The Practical Guide to Long Range Cartridges is one of the best investments you can make as a long range hunter. It is filled with detailed photos and descriptions - 415 pages packed full of helpful information.  No stone is left unturned and no information is held back. Whether read cover to cover or used as reference guide to return to again and again, Nathan gives his entire body of experience to the reader in his usual caring, supportive and highly readable manner.
This book is a must-read for:

  • Beginners,

  • Experienced hunters,

  • Shooters of factory ammunition,

  • Experienced hand loaders, and

  • Tactical research organizations.

A Bit More About Nathan

nathansargeNathan Foster lives and breathes what he teaches. He has a long established background in the gun industry, recognised for his extensive research and for educating and supporting hunters around the world.
Nathan has taken over 7500 head of game testing the performance of a wide range of cartridges and projectiles and is a worldwide expert in the field of terminal ballistics. His ongoing research has been carefully recorded, analysed and documented in his online cartridge knowledge base (available on this website) for the benefit of all hunters and shooters.
Rifle accurizing and long range shooting are among Nathan’s core specialities and passions.  For many years, Nathan has provided both rifle accurizing services and a long range shooting school. Nathan is also the designer of the MatchGrade bedding products and has assisted many 1000's of hunters worldwide to improve their rifle accuracy, shooting technique and hunting success.
You can find out more about Nathan’s background by going here >>
You can view Nathan’s extensive research on cartridge and projectile performance by going here >>

So What’s In The Practical Guide to Long Rang Hunting Cartridges?

Here is an overview of what is in The Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Cartridges.

  1. Ballistic Fundamentals
    Part 1 covers 15 essential subjects that are essential to success, exploring exterior and terminal ballistics. Unlike other publications you may find, game killing is explored from the perspective of the long range hunter. Nathan goes where other writers and bullet makers dare not tread.

  2. Projectile Manufacturers, Design Considerations & Modifications
    Part two covers 14 core subjects. In this section, the reader explores individual bullet designs, and learns about the long range bullet making process to gain a full understanding of the nuts and bolts of the long range hunting projectile. The reader is then given unique methods for testing projectiles prior to shooting, along with bullet modification (optimizing) tutorials.

  3. How to Select a Long Range Cartridge
    Part 3 covers 10 core subjects to help you choose which cartridge is right for you. These are the same methods Nathan has taught at his lectures, now in print for the first time. No doubt you have many questions about which bore diameter is best for you, how this is suited to game body weight and how much power is needed to achieve optimum performance. This section takes you through the decision making process step by step until you arrive at your own conclusions. There is no room for “what he said” or even “what Nathan said”. You will study the information presented, arriving at the optimum choice based on your own common sense.

  4. Cartridges for Long Range Hunting
    Part 4 covers over 50 cartridges for long range hunting. As always, Nathan provides down to earth advice such as what to expect when a given long range cartridge is used at close bush / woods ranges, optimum projectile choices as well as factory ammunition options, practical effective ranges and maximum effective ranges. The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges also ties into the book, The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles, providing typical maximum cartridge over all lengths so that the reader is not caught out adopting a cartridge that does not suit his action length. This information is essential for job planning and can be used by hunters and gunsmiths alike.

Also included are individual notes on load development and typical extreme accuracy sweet spots. This information cannot found in the Terminal Ballistics Research online Knowledge Base.

The Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Cartridges is filled with photos to help explain each subject. Some content is graphic so reader discretion is advised.

But Will I Be Able To Read It & Understand It?

We find that there is two main questions that buyers ask themselves before buying a book like this. Firstly, will I be able to find the time to read it?
The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges is structured so that it can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference guide and referred back to time and time again.
Every section has a summary of the key points contained in that section so that you can get a clear understanding of the highlights of each individual section or take a deep dive and get immersed in the detail.
You can easily purchase the book and jump straight to the section that is of interest to you at this exact moment in time and then refer back to other sections at a later date.  Or - you can settle into a chair and read it from cover to cover.  Both approaches should deliver each individual what they are looking for.
The second key question that our readers often have is - will I understand it?  Is the book too technical for me?  Is it too lightweight?
This book is suitable for people of all backgrounds with rudimentary shooting experience.  It is simple enough for the novice but meaty enough for the experienced shooter. It is suitable for people who only shoot factory ammunition while also providing lots of information for experienced hand loaders.
Those with very little technical experience will find the book full of practical insights that get straight to the heart of the matter while the experienced hunter will find the book significantly broadens their understanding.  Nathan educates his readers following his usual supportive, highly readable and unpretentious style.

A Personal Note From Nathan Foster

Hi everyone,
There exists an English word which has been passed down to us through the commonwealth over many generations, used extensively by the British, heard in the furthest reaches of the Australian outback to the steepest peaks of the South island of New Zealand. That word my friends, is bollocks.
In the world of rifle accuracy and cartridge performance, there is a vast amount of information. But unfortunately, much of this information is indeed - bollocks. My first book (The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles) has been immensely successful, not because I am any great magical wonder of the rifle world, but because it has helped hunters cut through the crap and achieve goals. I am immensely grateful for the feedback and support you have all given me, I am happy to have been able to help you all in a truly meaningful manner.
I think the very best moment I had, was when a highly skilled Oil Industry worker told me that although he had always had a reading disability throughout his life, he found that he could follow the step by step format of the first book, along with the clear cut summary tables and pro con lists. He could not thank me enough for making an otherwise difficult chore immensely enjoyable.
Well, it's the same deal this time around, working through technical subjects step by step in a (hopefully) enjoyable manner.
I have been wanting to relay this information for a very long time as I believe it is extremely important. On the one hand, your success is always at the forefront of my mind. But at the same time, game welfare concerns me a great deal. I strongly believe that we have in many ways lost touch with how to achieve optimum game killing and in doing so, have been unable to truly move forwards, even though our rifles are now capable of reaching out to extreme ranges. Some bullet makers have a handle on what is required. Others launch fancy campaigns and tell us that x bullet is the next big thing, but without any understanding of what is truly required to get the job done. Yep, everyone is either making money or spending it - without much thought about what is happening down range.
In reading the Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges, I hope to achieve two goals. The first as already stated, is to help you achieve your goals, choose a cartridge and choose a suitable projectile from the many options available. Along with with this, I am hoping that through clear and concise hunter education (i.e - you fully understand what you have read and are able to field test and reach the same conclusions), you will be able to steer the market where it needs to go - towards fast and clean game killing. I want to give you complete control. To do this I have to teach you everything I know based on my experience. I am not holding an ace card. Both goals are harmonious, the more effective the cartridge (fast humane killing), the greater your success.
I thoroughly hope you all enjoy The Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Cartridges.
Nathan Foster.

Here’s How the Book Has Helped Some Other Readers

Nathan has “hit it out of the park” with his 2nd book, “The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges”! This is definitely the go to manual for decision making for hunters around the world. Where else can you fine such a wealth of information on bullet selection for a particular cartridge based on the weight of the animal you intend to pursue. This allows the hunter, regardless of his or her location on the globe, to make an educated decision on the best cartridge for a particular game species or to load that round, up or down, to cover a variety of game species in their location.  Match the cartridge to your favorite rifle and you have your long range rig ready to go. With the combination of Book One and Two, and all the information within, then the only thing left is for the shooter to practice, practice and more practice to determine your on personal limitation on the distance you feel comfortable and qualified to shoot.
Jim Moseley
North Carolina, USA

“Having a clear and balanced understanding of the long range hunting cartridge” is exactly what Nathan has given in this new book, coupled with detailed insight to the “fundamental requirements of the long range hunting projectile” demystifying and showing the foundations of this often misunderstood form of hunting.

‘No marketing hype, salesmanship or chest puffing, just clear cut, to the point with no exaggeration’. A great follow up to A Practical Guide To Long Range Hunting Rifles, further building the readers knowledge into long range precision hunting. Teaching how to get realistic, achievable outcomes from ourselves & equipment, to make the most humane and rewarding combinations.
Great reading and a very valuable resource to be referred to again and again!

Cheers, Martin. Australia

I have the highest of respect for Nathan.  His thirst for knowledge in this area and his commitment to sharing his knowledge and helping hunters worldwide is simply awesome.
Helmut Pleiter - NZ

After years of long range hunting, this book greatly broadened my understanding of the various projectiles that I was shooting in my 7mm mag and .308.  Nathan’s experience and knowledge is incredible and his knowledge of this area is, in my experience, second to none!
David Kelly - NZ

Hi Nathan,  Wow! What an awesome book.
As a fan of your work, maybe I am biased but the guide to hunting cartridges really is great stuff.  Besides my own enjoyment of the book, as you know, I sell firearms for a living. Every day I advise shooters on what will suit their particular needs. The contents of this book will make it much easier for me to advise my customers correctly. 
Thanks for another great read,
Dan Keene- NZ

What Makes The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges Different?

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges is completely different to many other technical books on cartridge and projectile design and performance.  This book is not based on theoretical knowledge or technical performance - it is based on hard-won, grassroots, practical, backcountry experience.

Nathan Foster lives and breathes long range hunting, accurate rifles and terminal ballistics.  He accurizes rifles, continually researches the performances of cartridges and projectiles and trains students in long range hunting.  This is his full-time occupation.

The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Cartridges is not theoretical.  It doesn’t contain any *shoulds* or *maybes* but is based on clear, practical, no-nonsense experience.  It is filled with detailed photos and descriptions.  No stone is left unturned and no information is held back. Whether read cover to cover or used as reference guide you will find yourself returning to it again and again.

What Will I Learn From this Book?

After reading this book you will find yourself equipped with the information necessary to select the right cartridge to achieve your objectives.  If you are currently not happy with the performance of a certain cartridge or projectile then this book will show you why you aren’t getting good results and what your other options are.

The book covers the various different projectile manufacturers and projectile designs that you need to be aware of when selecting a cartridge and the advantages and disadvantages of the different projectile designs.  It identifies both cartridges and projectiles that are big on promises but small on results and also identifies the cartridges and projectiles that will get the job done.

Using the information contained in this book you will be able to arm yourself with the right cartridge and projectile that combined with an accurate long range hunting rifle, a good hunting process and good shooting technique will see you substantially lift your hunting and shooting success.

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