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The Skills Book Bundle (Ebook) - 15% Off!!

The Skills Book Bundle (Ebook) - 15% Off!!
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Attention All Current & Future Long Range Hunters!

If you want to significantly increase your success when hunting long range then read on to find out about The Skills Book Bundle.

The Skills Book Bundle includes the following books at a special discounted rate.
  1. The Practical Guide to Reloading; 
  2. The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance; and
  3. The Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting.

The Long Range Hunting Series by Nathan Foster

The Long Range Hunting Series is a series of down-to-earth, practical guides written by Nathan Foster to help you take the guess work out of long range hunting and maximize your success.  Each of the guides tap into Nathan’s deep experience in the fields of terminal ballistics, rifle accuracy, long range hunting and shooting, and cartridge and projectile performance to provide you with clear outline of what you need to know and understand to be successful hunting at long range.

Who is Nathan Foster?

nathansargeNathan Foster lives and breathes what he teaches. He has a long established background in the gun industry, recognized for his extensive research and for educating and supporting hunters around the world.

Nathan has taken over 7500 head of game testing the performance of a wide range of cartridges and projectiles and is a worldwide expert in the field of terminal ballistics. His ongoing research has been carefully recorded, analyzed and documented in his online cartridge knowledge base (available on this website) for the benefit of all hunters and shooters worldwide.

Rifle accurizing and long range shooting are among Nathan’s core specialities and passions.  For many years, Nathan has provided both rifle accurizing services and a long range shooting school. Nathan is also the designer of the MatchGrade bedding products and has assisted many 1000's of hunters worldwide to improve their rifle accuracy, shooting technique and hunting success.

You can find out more about Nathan’s background by going here >>
You can view Nathan’s extensive research on cartridge and projectile performance by going here >>

The Skills Bundle Explained

The skills bundle consists of three books providing you with the information that you need to develop the right skills to assist you in your long range hunting success.  These three books are:

  1. The Practical Guide to Reloading; 
  2. The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance; and
  3. The Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting.

This is a discounted bundle offering savings on both the purchase price and the delivery cost.

The Practical Guide to Reloading shows how to hand load ammunition and covers not only the use of equipment, but also the process of load development in a clear step-by-step manner.

Information is provided in such a way as to offer stop points for the absolute beginner who wishes to set about making ammunition without advancing into complex subject matter. For those interested in pursuing extreme accuracy, the book continues to delve further into reloading techniques to help readers achieve tack driving accuracy.

As with the other books in the Practical Guide series, you will not find the information within this book laid out in this format elsewhere. This book is suitable for people of all backgrounds and like the other books in this series, removes the headache from the rifle accuracy game and gives you, the reader, the tools to obtain accurate handloads. The tool list covers basic items for those on a limited budget through to advanced equipment. Please note- you do not need to own X brand of reloading equipment which you can't afford to utilize this book and to make accurate ammunition.

The Practical Guide To Reloading is essential  reading for anyone interested in handloading. At 340 pages, the Practical Guide To Reloading is packed with useful information and photos to help readers through the reloading process.

You can view the table of contents for The Practical Guide to Reloading here >>

The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance looks at how to fine tune a rifle into a highly accurate tool and how to keep it that way.  After reading this book you will find yourself equipped with the information necessary to set about accurizing your rifle in a DIY environment.
If your current rifle isn’t performing to an adequate standard then you will have clear steps to either rectify problems or ascertain whether parts (eg barrel) replacement is required. Gunsmiths can use this book as a research tool, a checklist during accurizing work and also as a means to improve bedding skills.  It can also be used as a great tool to assist in the training of a new apprentice.

The maintenance section of this book has crucial information for long term care of the rifle, helping to maximize barrel life while preventing corrosion. Sub sections of this book also deal with self loading rifle and lever action rifle care.  The Practical Guide To Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing and Maintenance is a must read for anyone seriously interested in the care of rifles.

You can view the table of contents for The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance here >>

The Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting teaches you how to shoot accurately. Shooting skills have gone downhill, worldwide - period.  The guns are getting better but the folk behind them are getting worse, much worse. You can have the best rifle in the world, but if you don’t know how to shoot it - what’s the point?

If you are a shooting instructor, you will be a much better instructor after reading this book. If you are a gunsmith, you will be able to shrink groups down and get jobs out the door and off your back.

If you are relatively new to shooting - you will not be left thinking that you are out of your depth and that you cannot achieve your goals.  You will be taken through the very basics of rifle shooting and then taught how to shoot at long ranges and then how to hunt at extended long ranges.

You can view the table of contents for The Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting here >>

But Will I Be Able To Read The Books & Understand Them?

We find that there is two main questions that buyers ask themselves before buying these books.  Firstly, will I be able to find the time to read them?

Both the books are structured so that they can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference guide and referred back to time and time again. Every section has a summary of the key points contained in that section so that you can get a clear understanding of the highlights of each individual section or take a deep dive and get immersed in the detail.

You can easily purchase a book and jump straight to the section that is of interest to you at this exact moment in time and then refer back to other sections at a later date.  Or - you can settle into a chair and read it from cover to cover.  Both approaches should deliver each individual what they are looking for.

The second key question that our readers often have is -  will I understand it?  Are the books too technical for me?  Are they too lightweight?

These books are suitable for people of all backgrounds with rudimentary shooting experience.  They are simple enough for the novice but meaty enough for the experienced shooter.

Those with very little technical experience will find the books full of practical insights that get straight to the heart of the matter while the experienced hunter will find the books significantly broaden their understanding.  Nathan educates his readers in these books following his usual supportive, highly readable and unpretentious style.

Here Are The Three Different Purchasing Options For The Bundle


Ebook Versions

Paperback Versions

Ebook + Paperback Versions

The Practical Guide to Reloading Yes Yes Yes
The Practical Guide to Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing & Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
The Practical Guide to Long Range Shooting Yes Yes Yes

Epub format




Mobi/kindle format




PDF format




Paperback format





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Important Details About Ordering The Bundle

  1. Ebook Format
    The ebooks are delivered in the three most common ebook formats.  If you order the ebook's, you will be provided with a zip file which will contain the three most popular ebook formats - epub, mobi and pdf. 

    Three different ebook formats are provided to enable our readers to read their ebook using a wide range of devices.  Each of the formats provided are explained below.

    1. Epub - is recognised by most companies as the industry standard.  Epub format allows ebooks that use this format to be read on a wide variety of eReaders, from dedicated hardware to desktop software to online based readers.  eReaders that support epub include the following.

      >>  Apple iPad & iPhone

      >>  Most Android Smartphones & Tablets

      >>  Barnes and Noble NOOK

      >>  Sony Reader

      >>  Adobe Digital Editions

    2.  Mobi - is used by Amazon’s range of Kindle eReaders.

    3.  PDF - is used by most desktop computers.

  2. Paperback Format
    The paperback books are in black & white paperback format with a full-colour cover page.  It is 6" wide x 9" tall format (15.2cm wide x 22.9cm tall) and has perfect bound binding.

  3. Delivery
    If you order the ebooks, as soon as you have entered your credit card details and your payment has been accepted your ebooks will be made available to you for you to download.
    If you order the paperback books, they will delivered by our US based distributor.  Generally the paperback books ship 3-5 business days after payment is received.  Delivery times vary depending on your location but are usually between 2-15 business days after the shipping date.

  4. Payment Methods
    Credit card payments are accepted and customers can either choose to pay via our online secure gateway or by using Paypal (please note you don’t have to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card).  Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
    Unfortunately we currently cannot accept payment via direct credit due to the way our website works. Direct Credit is where you transfer funds directly into our bank account to pay for your purchase.  We hope to be able to offer direct credit as a payment option sometime in the future. 

  5. Ebook Compatibility
    The ebooks are compatible with both a Mac and a PC and any other device that support the formats outlined above including the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Apple iPad & iPhone and most Android Tablets and Smartphones.

  6. Guarantee
    We provide a 14 day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee on all products provided on this website so that you can buy with confidence. Purchase the books and if you don’t feel you have gained value from them then return the books to us and we will refund your money (less any delivery costs). 

  7. Support
    The electronic information provided has been tested on many different computers and devices so we are highly confident that it works.  If you are having trouble then feel free to email us and we will do the very best we can to help.  Worst case scenario we will refund your money. 

    If you have a technical question regarding the books then most likely other people will benefit from the answer, so please pop over to our discussion forums (click here) and post your question there and we will answer your question as promptly as we can. 

What Will Happen After I Complete the Order?

You will immediately be taken to the Paypal website where you will be able to enter your credit card details and billing information.  As soon as Paypal completes your payment you will be emailed instructions for downloading the ebooks (if you ordered the ebooks) and your paperback books will be queued for production and delivery (if you ordered the paperback books).

Here is How to Order Now

Some Final Notes

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