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The Ruger American Rifle

The Ruger American Rifle
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- Accuracy and trouble shooting.

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Learn how to obtain the best possible accuracy from your Ruger American in this easy to follow yet thoroughly detailed tutorial video.

The Ruger American is now an immensely popular budget rifle. But there are many shooters who struggle to obtain good results with this rifle. Furthermore, the Ruger American cannot be bedded in the traditional sense and therefore requires different approaches when trouble shooting accuracy problems.

Hosted by Nathan Foster, this video is based on his popular book series and covers:

  • The preliminary rifle set up.
  • How to check and lap lugs.
  • Trigger work.
  • The barrel break in process.
  • Shooting technique.
  • Trouble shooting accuracy issues including 'rigid mount' bedding instructions.

As with all of Mr Foster's work, this video is designed to cut through the waist deep crap of modern shooting. By following the basic instructions shown in this video you will develop a fully grounded understanding not only of this rifle but also optimum shooting methods to suit it.

This video will teach you what you need to know in order to get the best out of your Ruger American rifle.

Learn how to set up and shoot the Ruger American - before you start throwing add-ons at it.

Learn how to break in your rifle barrel based on its individual needs - not some generic process.

Learn how to solve problems unique to this rifle design.

Learn the rules of light weight rifle shooting technique - before you break the rules.

Running time 1hr54m. Three month rental from



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