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The Tikka Rifle- How to set it up, break it in and shoot it straight. (Part 1 of Tikka rifle accuracy series)

The Tikka Rifle- How to set it up, break it in and shoot it straight. (Part 1 of Tikka rifle accuracy series)
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Length 1hr, 33min. 

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Learn how to take a Tikka rifle "out of the box" and obtain best possible accuracy in this simple yet crucial process.

Cutting through the rubbish taught by current shooting schools, this hands on how-to video is for both new and experienced shooters. The results speak for themselves.

Hosted by Nathan Foster, this video based on his popular book series covers the preliminary rifle set up, the barrel break in process and basic shooting technique, all filmed in live format.

These methods can be used with any rifle design with regards to the barrel break in process and test shooting, however this tutorial offers specific help for Tikka T3 and T3X owners. This information can also be used when setting up the Sako A7 and 85 rifles.

This video is designed to cut through the waist deep crap of modern shooting. If you are physically capable and can simply follow the basic instructions, you will develop better technique than the majority of "sniper school" instructors. We cannot make things any clearer than this. The plain truth is, many "experts" simply cannot shoot this rifle with a high level accuracy yet this is such a basic process.

This video will teach you what you need to know in order to get the best out of your rifle.

Learn how to set up and shoot the Tikka- before you decide whether it needs bedding or 'only shoots with certain hand loads'.

Learn how to break in your rifle barrel based on its individual needs- not some generic process.

Learn the rules of light weight rifle shooting technique- before you break the rules.

Running time 1hr, 33m.

The Tikka T3 series includes:

1. Set up, barrel break in and test shoot of factory rifle (this video) including vital aspects of technique in order to obtain accurate test results.
2. Stabilizing the forend in preparation for bedding.
3. Making pillars uniquely suited to the T3 design in a DIY setting. Again in preparation for bedding.
4. Bedding - Stock and action prep through to clean up and basic test shoot.

Fit up optics WL

Prelim test shoot WL

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(Updated 31/1/2022)

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