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Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical

01 Feb 2013
@ 04:20 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just worked up these very basic loads for my rifle:

Matrix 190gr VLD BC (static) .8071
Bullet jump .2mm/ 10 thou
Rem .300 Win Mag brass
Fed 210 primer
ADI 2217 (H1000)

73gr, 3000fps, ES 30fps, 1.4"
73.5gr, 3020, ES 9fps, .876" Two touching, one slightly off.
74gr, 3088fps, ES 8fps, .420"
74.5gr, 3122fps, ES 3fps, 1.265" NEAR MAX.

Sweet spot between 73.5 and 74gr. Will need to work up in smaller increments if I want to get down to the quarter minute mark and adopt this bullet long term. In the mean time, the .420" load will allow me to test the Matrix projectiles on game. This load will still be going 2000fps at 1000 yards. 1600fps is breached at 1460 yards and 1400fps (where the A-Max begins to lose wounding performance) will be breached at 1720 yards.

I would like to find a mild load for my rifle. Something around the 2900fps mark would be nice. Will probably also need to find a 7mm08 to test low velocity wounding as I am not in the mood for proving that I can tip over game at 1700-1800 yards.

In a 7mm rem Mag, sweet spots were between 2900-3000fps with the 190gr VLD, totally unexpected.

I would also like to experiment with RE 25 in both the Practical and in client 7mm RM rifles when the opportunity arises.

I currently have three rifles on the go with the Matrix bullets prepped for game testing: 6.5 Swede (142gr VLD at 2780fps), 7mm Practical (190gr VLD @3088fps), .300WSM (210gr VLD @ 2600fps). Hope to have a .270 on the go asap. I will widen this test range to incorporate higher velocity cartridges (eg. .300WBY/RUM) as need be and as time allows.

I don't usually report on my behind the scenes work. My usual method is to simply test, then record results in the KB. But I understand that a few of you have been waiting for reports. One of my main goals during testing these long range bullets will be to study how the VLD's perform under minimal resistance (rear lung shots on light or lean game at low velocities. Once these results have been obtained, I will then look at penetration on tough animals as well as penetration at high velocity/close ranges. I have every confidence in these bullets from the limited testing that I have already done.



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01 Apr 2013
@ 04:29 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
Hi Riley, please avoid testing in either wet news print or gelatine. Both are hopeless when it comes to mimicking field performance. All test mediums can really tell us is how one bullet performs in comparison to another- in that particular medium, with no relevance to game performance.

The trouble with test medium is that it is too consistent. It does not account for the changes from outer muscle and bone to the environment inside the chest cavity. The closest you will find is a layer of wet news print about 1" thick, compressed wet lawn clippings for 12", then several inches of wet newsprint to arrest the projectile. You can observe how the projectile entered the rear layer of newsprint to determine whether the projectile fragmented before reaching this distance.

You are coming into spring now, if you live in a rural location, a lot of animals will be calving/lambing now which also results in a lot of livestock death. I would rather you used a cadaver than news print. In scotland, there is a lot of Red deer road kill, some of the carcasses are ideal for testing.

Just keep in mind that Marshal has spent thousands of dollars and thousands of man hours developing his projectiles for hunters. It is only fair then, if we are testing his product, that we put in a good effort.

You wrote that you hoped that the Matrix will fragment but also hold together somewhat for penetration. The Matrix has no means too arrest fragmentation once it begins, it will fully fragment and not retain any integrity. The nose collapses, it does not expand, rotational forces and SD keep the projectile on track for as long as possible but eventually, what remains of the projectile will tumble. With fully frangible bullets, what we hope for is that the cluster of fragments has enough momentum as a cluster, to produce fast clean killing and adequate penetration.

It is a very tall order, we want the projectile to fragment almost immediately, but then produce a desirable level of penetration. A cannelure could possibly be used to prevent full fragmentaion but this becomes counter productive below 1800fps and more especially if we encounter lean game.
02 Apr 2013
@ 09:56 am (GMT)

Riley Decker

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
some very good points there, i think instead of testing in newspaper i will see if i can poke a few into some coyotes, they are very plentiful here in SW North Dakota. What i meant by holding up for penetration was that there would be enough larger fragments that would get a decent amount of penetration to give me an exit wound on game weighing no more than 200 lbs from distances no closer than 300 yards.
02 Apr 2013
@ 06:44 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
I have just gotten autopsy photos from a client. Rifle was a 7mm rem Mag I tricked up. Load was the 168gr Matrix at 2988fps. The client is a very good hunter but the conditions have been a bit harsh here in NZ of late. He was hoping for a good sized red stag but all that was presented was a red hind, looks to be about 150lb live weight.

The Matrix worked extremely well, quartering on shot at 200 yards, entry wound into chest cavity must be around 2.5" (will have to upload pics at some stage). Penetration in excess of 16" which you will be able to see when I get photos uploaded.

Hope it all goes well for you Riley.
22 May 2013
@ 10:11 am (GMT)


Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
Well got to try the 190gr Matirx from a 7mm Practical on a small black bear at 70 yards broad side rear lung/hart shot, bullet passed threw with a 3" exit wound, internal wounding was massive. The bear jumped at the shot and went 10 yards. I would have liked a shot on the shoulder with more resistance for the bullet but moving targets don't always cooperate;)
I am quite sure these 190 will be a great all rounder for me for dear, elk and other big game from point blank to way out there with the testing Nathan has done and the results of this bear. Hopefully I'll get to test out more soon;)

Thanks, Aj.
22 May 2013
@ 06:45 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
Thanks AJ, will get those photo's up when I get a chance. Certainly no coming back from that shot.
16 Jul 2013
@ 09:51 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
Just checking to see if there are any updates on the accuracy load of the 190 Matrix or any game taken at long range with the Matrix?
17 Jul 2013
@ 05:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Matrix 190gr loads for 7mm Practical
I did the 900 and something yard vid which I put on the blog and the wound data base. Shot a boar a few weeks back at 30 yards, snap shot, put pics in the wound data base. Have not done much else as I am now running low on projectiles. Waiting to be restocked.

Have a look at the wound data base if you get a chance Jim. Open the data base, then re-scroll down the side menu.
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