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Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)

25 Dec 2013
@ 08:10 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Hi all;

I´m worried about my bolt. Rifle is a rem 700 sendero, chambered in 300 wm. Just about 45 rounds through it, breaking the barrel as Nathan described in his article. About 20 factory rounds, and some reloads using 208 amax and RWS once-fired, full sized brass.

I have occasional problems cycling the bolt: the bolt raises esy, but it´s difficult just to initiate the movement to extract the case. This only happen a few times, all the powder charges being the same (no hot load).

I have no problems with my shellholders while reloading, but a close inspection of he case rim show some marks produced during manufacturing (?) or the first shot (bought the brasses used). The bolt face shows some brass burrs, as you can see in the photos.

But i´m more worried about the bolt... I see some defects and want to know if they are normal or abnormal. I bought the rifle new, so can ask to be repaired or returned.

Will try to explain the best i can, but for sure, the images speak for themselves, and of course better than me! (Note: I clean the bolt with a paper towel, so you can see some paper fibers)

A flattened rough spot in the out side of the bolt head, wich protrudes a little over the head. Lugs that seem to need to be lapped (few contact area).

The rifle didn´t perform as well as i spect (some double grups -don´t attributable to the scope mount- and 1,25 MOA groups), but i´m starting tests (haven´t checked speeds as i forget to bring the chrono to the range). I´m also training myself holding that forearm! :)

Any advice or opinion will be appreciated. I can post more photos or descriptions if needed.

Thanks in advance!


25 Dec 2013
@ 08:15 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Another try to post the photos... Hope this work now!

25 Dec 2013
@ 09:01 pm (GMT)

joshua sutcliffe

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro you may want to have a read of this thread
25 Dec 2013
@ 09:26 pm (GMT)

trevor savage

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
send it back and tell them to replace the rifle.
26 Dec 2013
@ 02:09 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro you may want to have a read of this thread

Hi Joshua, thanks for the link. I have readed your thread but didn´t remember it now.

I think the best I can do is go to the shop and ship it back to the importer.

What i want to know it´s if i should ask for a new one, or if it´s possible to fix it.

Please, can you tell me the serial number of your rifle? Mine is RR 45867 B... maybe the same batch?

Adding more info... I don´t have here my reloading notes, but COAL with the 208 AMAX is slightly less that the magazine. Maybe between 1 to 2 mm less.

And Ihave found a very small burr at the muzzle crown. Very small, but if i pass my nail over it, I can feel it and "snaps".
26 Dec 2013
@ 04:38 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro, sounds like primary extraction. If it is primary extraction, you will find that if you lift the bolt, you cannot draw the bolt back until you lift the bolt an extra few mil at which point you hear a click.

Primnary extraction is achieved at the rear of the bolt, where the top of the handle cams against the 30-45 degree cut out at the rear of the action (look behind your scope base). This has nothing to do with the bolt head- thou we always tend to worry about the bolt head.

If the lugs are lapped, this primary extraction problem will be made worse.

The rifle may need to be sent back so that the bolt handle can be removed and set forwards a half millimetre.

The file marks you photographed are normal. This was done to remove the protusion of the press fit pin that holds the extractor in place.

You may want to discuss having the locking lugs lapped before resetting the bolt handle (that said, the importer may simply swap the rifle out).

You have had a tough run with rifles this last year Alvaro but do not lose hope. I have seen folk go through the same troubles or worse with the most expensive rifles. Be patient and work through it with the importer.

If you are having problems with extraction after primary extraction has occurred, it may be a chamber burr. This will need to be polished out. Again, this is a job for the importer (they will hopefully have an inhouse smith).

I would need to see a close up of the muzzle to discern the nature of the muzzle burr and what needs to be done with this. Sharp edges at the muzzle normally wear away during the break in, especially if using maroon scothbrite during break in. Cleaning up the muzzle is a minor job but you should mention your concerns to the gun store / importer.
26 Dec 2013
@ 05:17 pm (GMT)

joshua sutcliffe

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Alvaro, my serial number is far from yours RR 06###B

Id have a close look at the extracted cases for signs of chamber burrs, also i assume that the sticking bolt is only sticking with fired cases and not on unfired or empty chamber?

My Sendero also had a small burr on the muzzle and it shot alot better after re-crowning. My advice is if the rifle shoots accurately send it back to importer with some fired cases to fix the extraction problem and possibly re crown.
If you are in a hurry you may want to take it to a local gunsmith with a good reputation.
01 Jan 2014
@ 05:29 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Thanks all for your responses, specially to Nathan who was having a xmas break!

I´m talking with the importer´s smith, so i hope that everything can be fixed or the rifle replaced.

Here are some pics of the muzzle burr... It´s difficult to take a good photo. You can also see some dented marks arround the crown (last photo) and a mark in one rifling (first photo).

I have take a few photos of fired cases... Some marks can be seen. Also powder/burning residues around half part of the neck.. maybe too low pressures (not full obturation)?

Will keep you posted about what happens.

Thanks again!
02 Jan 2014
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
That muzzle definitely needs a clean up on a lathe. The rough outer edge would have been OK but somebody has mishandled the barrel, bumped it when removing it from the lathe or something to that effect.

Just patiently work through it with the importers smith Alvaro. It is very disappointing but if the importer charges the job back to Remington, Remington will back track the job and correctly allocate boot to ass so that other end users don't have to be put through this.
09 Jan 2014
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi All;

After a few days, the importer finally reply my mail. They told me to send the rifle, so they can check it.

Will let you know how this ends...

16 Mar 2014
@ 06:50 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi all!

For what it worths, things seem to go wrong... Hope this help someone, but first, hope no one get in this troubles.

I think the best way to keep you posted is pasting the mail I have send one minute ago to remington customer service.

Thanks all for your help... will let you know what Remington tell...

Good morning;

I feel a bit sad about writing this mail. I bought a brand new remington 700 sendero VFII, chambered in 300WinMag in april, 2013. I have some problems with it, as i will explain in the email, and, after talk about that problems with the importer, Borchers SA, and send they the rifle for repair, I get no solutions or reparation.

Let me explain the whole process. I apologize for my engish mistakes, and for the long mail, but it´s better to tell the whole story.

I bought the rifle in a gun store called "Armeria Alvarez", in Madrid, in april 2013. I have some problems with my "weapons license" (it expired), so i have to wait for some months to get the rifle (as i couldn´t get it registered). After that, I moved to Galicia. So with my young baby (who was born in february), the move to galizia,etc i have no chance to fire and test the rifle. Finally, I set a scope on it and go to the range to test in and brake the barrel in. I became discouraged, as i have some problems (explained in a few lines).

So, I talk to the gun store and they invite me to talk directly with Borchers. I agree, and call them. After explain the problem to Mr Alex, he tell me to write a mail so the tech departament can study this problems. I wrote Borchers on january, 2, 2014. I will translate (as best as i can), word by word, the mail that i send (please let me know if you want a copy of any of the mails or doccuments refered in this email).

"[intro/happy new year wishes/explanation of conversation with mr. alex]
I will explain the problems that i found on the rifle, wihich i consider not acceptable in a rifle, even more being a high end brand, wich is supossed to deliver high accuracy. The barrel has approximatly 50 rounds down it, most of them shooted in the range, breaking the barrel in and sightening the scope.

At the end of the email, you can find some photos that shows, as best as i can, those problems.

1- first of all, sometimes it´s difficult to extract the fired brass from the chamber. I doesn´t happen every shot, but happen sometimes. After firing, the bolt lever is lifted with no effort, but it´s very difficult to start the rear movement to extract the fired brass. I can do it after closing the bolt again and lift the lever up fast, or giving it a "punch" with the palm of my hand. All of that, made me suspect that this could be a primary extraction problem. i mean, there is a misadjustment between the bolt/lugs and action.

2- For that or another reasons, there are plenty of brass burrs in the bolt face.

3- Bolt head have clearly signs of grinding. I understand that this mark was done to remove the protusion of the press fit pin that holds the extractor in place and, even they don´t seem to be concerning, i think that are excessive, and, in any case, bigger that those that showed the other rem 700 bolts I own or have seeing.

4- The fit of the locking lugs in the action are deficient. One of them (upper one) barely contacts 50% of the surface, when the other (lower one) barely shown marks. This can be easy fixed lapping the lugs, but this will increase the problem of the "number 1" paragraph (if, indeed, this is a primary extraction issue).

5- Some of the fired brasses shown bright spots wich can be the result of an improper cutted chamber, or a chamber that needs to be poolished.

6 - The muzzle crown has a big burr. Even more, in general, it showns some kind of small burrs and tooling marks which has nothing to do with the "target rown" that Remington claim.

I think this is all. I hope you understand my worryes about the rifle, as I expected to shoot accurately at long range and this is not possible now, as i´m getting 5/4 MOA at 110 yd (i´m amodest shooter, but i gets sub-moa groups easily with other rifle that i own) and, and i can´t be confident if i need to take a second shoot while hunting, because of the extraction problems.

I entreaty you to tell me what we can do to fix this problems, and please take care while doing it, as I have made a big investiment in that combo (optics, bases,...) and I hope you understand how frustrating is to get a high-end rifle and find all those probems.

About that respect, if the bolt dimensions needs to be modified, please take into consideration to lap the bolt lugs before, to make a better surface contact, and prevent to have a new headspace problem if I have to lap the lugs later.

For granted, i´m at your disposal to talk (by phone -0034629946654- or email) about whatever you need.

Now i have moved to Galicia, but the rifle is in Madrid, atmy parent´s house, so if it´snecessary, it could be take to A. Alvarez gun store to send it to you.

Best regards, and thank you in advance for your attention and de fixing of that issues."

They wrote me four days later, and tell me to send the rifle (via the gun store) so their tech departament could check it. So i send the rifle to Borchers.

They finally wrote me on februery 18th, more than a month later. This is the translation of the email:

"Dear sir;

Find attached the copy of the messages between borchers and remington tech. departament.

Regardlees our technician fully agree with Mr. Nickerson from remington, he has inspected and meticulously tested the rifle to check all of the problems you mentioned, finding that the rifle meets the finish and working standards.

We have tested the rifle with different bullet types (core lockt 150 and 180, qccutip and scirocco). A total of 30 rounds have beed fired, and the feeding and working have been OK. We have load and unload the rifle without firing with no problems. The headspace have been checked, founding that it´s OK.

What respect to accuracy, we haven´t check it, but being under 1,5 moa with factory ammo isn´t that bad -even it´s not excellent-. Of course, with other loads it could be better, but we can´t reccomend you to shot reloads, as no one gunmaker recommend it.

We are waiting you to tell us where to send the rifle back.


In that "email chain", I just found one reply from Mr. Nickerson. Please, find it pasted below (please note that Mr Nickerson email was dated jannuary 8th!):

"De: Nickerson, Ken E. [mailto:[email protected]]
Enviado el: miércoles, 08 de enero de 2014 12:47
Para: Borchers S.A.
Asunto: Re: RV: Problemas con rem 700 sendero (Att. Luis Arrier)

Rudi, this is completely normal. Almost all magnum bolts will have a flat spot were the rivet is installed. We have stopped hand filing the race cut in the fist photo but it's a normal looking process.

I am not sure why he is upset all most. All the bolt rifle we make look like this.

Sent from my iPhone"

As this email is getting longer that desirable, let me explain the important points of the subsequent mails. Also, I´m not a good translater (once again, i apologize for the grammar mistakes)

I wrote borchers back, telling him that i only found one email from Mr Nickerson, and ask them to send me the whole conversation, but they never did it. Mr. Nickerson explain they the same that i have told they in my first email (point 3) and i undestand why Mr. Nickerson didn´t know why i´m upset! The question is: does Mr. Nickerson know all the problems or just the one referring to the bolt head?

I asked them about the muzzle crown and lugs contact surface as they didn´t tell nothing about it, and tell him that a correct headspace didn´t necessary mean a correct bolt dimensions (i supossed they just use go-nogo calipers).

After that, I phone borchers and take a long conversation with Mr Luis Arrier, requesting him the help me with that problems. He told me that he had check the rifle personaly and he will recheck it and email me again.

He wrote me on february 21, telling me that he had checked the muzzle crown and it´s "in perfect condition", and only had a "invaluable stripe" that could have beed caused by any touch. (???!!!). He also tell me that, depending on the ammo used, some leaves more brass that anothers (I have never had a rifle wich get that amount of brass burrs in the bolt head!! No one gets even closer). They stated that "our conclussion is that the rifle is in perfect condition and, if you need more information you can ask remingtong, as we don´t know more that the info we give you in our emails."

The also tell me that they proceed to return the rifle. 3 days ago (that´s 20 days after his mail) i wrote him asking about the rifle, as I don´t know where it is! No one has call me or ask me my adress, and i have no calls from the gun store. Where is my rifle? who knows...

So, as Mr. Arrier told me, I have to wrote you to tell my problems, hoping you can help me.

I´m not happy with Borcher´s customer service (that´s the softest adjective I can use) and I firmly disagree with it´s coclussions. Please take a look at the photos attached (the same I send they in my first email) and judge by yourself.

I currently own three remingtons, an old 742 woodmaster repeater, a 700 police (308 win) and the sendero (oh, this one is somewhere around the country... hope to get it back). If the sendero is, indeed, in perfect conditions, this will be my last remington for sure.

Really hope that you understand my problem, and really hope that this could be solved. Please take into consideration that, even considering that borchers is an authorized international repair center, I don´t feel confortable when thinking about their work fixing that "inexisting issues". How can the fix something they think is ok?

For granted, I´m at your disposal to help you in any of the topics, or send a copy of the emails, or whatever.

Best regards!

Álvaro Piqueras
16 Mar 2014
@ 08:50 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
You are not getting a fair deal from Remmington -- I have seen the photo's you posted --- Your Rifle should be replaced without question.

Please post a contact email or emails for the people you have dealt with --
I would be happy to contact them as well and complain on your behalf

I am sure others on this site would do the same for you.

If Remington get a pasting from people in different countries they may stop treating you badly--- and realise how many of us are watching their customer backup service

Best regards -- Les Mulloy ( Australia )

16 Mar 2014
@ 09:22 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
this sounds a bit like my rifle Nathan.
I will try to be short.
my was a 7mm mag.
when I started out hornady superformance was hard to extract and having ejector marks on the case head. Remington didn't so it was thought that the superformance round was too hot. (turned out it wasnt)
oh yeah, mine has the mark on the outside of the bolt head too, that's nothing, or at least in my case.
so I paid to have the rifle bedded and the crown touched up, trigger work, lugs lapped.
I send it off to Nathan for load development.
he says, bad news... without further investigation I cant be positive but I think the chamber is out of round which is causing hard extraction and groups can be random.
so Nathan says, I wont touch the rifle or pull it apart so you have a good chance of Remington making it right.
it was sent to a Remington approved gunsmith, and they said the cause was corrosion in the chamber. (which could easily be blamed on me and made sense of out of round chamber.)
but they did come through. it was a three month wait, but I got a new barrelled action. I had to re-do the bedding, lugs and crown.

in case others are like me and not read the manual... if you want to keep your warranty, you can not modify the rifle, no bedding trigger work etc.
you also can not shoot handloads.
so I was a bit lucky they could have backed out.

if I was you I would ask for a different approved gunsmith to look at it for a second opinion.
good luck
16 Mar 2014
@ 09:24 pm (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Oh bugger, I have this same issue and the wear on my bolt looks identical to yours. Sendero SFII in 7mm rem mag.

I have been investigating potential solutions for the last couple of days, including getting a Sako extractor fitted.
16 Mar 2014
@ 09:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro, sounds like utter laziness really. Piss poor customer service in the gun industry is very wide spread these days.

Without looking at the rifle, I cannot state whether the primary extraction problem is being caused by the the bolt handle not being located correctly on the bolt body or whether the chamber is very rough. If I had to guess, I would say that its the chamber. We can fix this.

We might have to adopt some very rough DIY fixes for this rifle if you cannot get help. I have a feeling we might be able to fix this one via the forums if you have no other options.

Step 1- get the rifle back!

Step 2- Contemplate finding a good gunsmith in either Spain or Italy.

Step 3- If you cannot find a gunsmith, we do the job via this forum. Polish the chamber and muzzle using very rough (not ideal) methods but methods that will work.

Jason, the first thing I noticed with yours was that it was way off when bore sighting. I am hoping that because Alvaros rifle is already down to 1.5", it is not a major- fingers crossed.

Chris, primary extraction is achieved at the root of the bolt handle, not the extractor itself. The extractor grabs the case but the root of the bolt handle contains the camming and extraction power. If you have been neck sizing and finding loads difficult to extract, it is not the fault of the extractor, it is simply lacking camming power to extract loads. The remedy is to FL size or be content to give it a bit more welly (my method). If the rifle is having trouble extracting factory ammo, the bolt handle may need shifting. You will know if your extractor is stuffed as it will simply leave the case in the chamber. Fitting a Sako extractor is always a good thing though!. Hope that makes sense.

17 Mar 2014
@ 12:33 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Sorry Alvaro, I don't mean to hijack your thread...

I've just driven over to see my gunsmith (Scott Traill) and the bolt handle is not correctly timed (fully open without even touching the angle section on the action), also when closed, the handle was hitting the stock pushing the bolt forward off the lugs. Test firing out of the stock and the problem was gone.

Interestingly, my issue was only happening with factory rounds, re-loads where still sticking but nowhere near as frequently.

End result is that the rifle is getting a full going over, moving the bolt handle, lapping of lugs, head space check, fluted bolt etc etc. I'm just thankful I didn't send my rifle to Remington! Best of luck with yours!
17 Mar 2014
@ 02:20 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Well at least that is some resolution Chris. I still think it is good to send an email to Remington in order to keep them on their toes. They have made and do make very good rifles so any staff issues of this sort need attention- i.e, boot needs to make a connection with arse.

It must be very hard on staff as the M700 is probably the most popular bolt action in the U.S and is very popular world wide. I can only imagine the production demands. Still, that should not mean that we end up with dud rifles.

Fortunately you will have a keeper at the end of the smithing work.
17 Mar 2014
@ 03:44 am (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro

I have just sent an email to Ken Nickerson ( [email protected])
Have told him many people are aware of how you have been treated by the Remington network in Spain.

I will advise if he responds.

Regards -- Les
17 Mar 2014
@ 09:42 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Nathan, do you know the Remington importer to NZ (email address)?

17 Mar 2014
@ 03:29 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Cris, here are the details:

Chris Small, email: [email protected]
18 Mar 2014
@ 06:14 am (GMT)

joshua sutcliffe

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi Alvaro,
I had basically the same issues, remington polished the chamber and extraction was fixed,I already had re crowned. however thats when i realised that the chamber was not parallel to the bore, When seating bullets to the lands there were only 2 rifling marks on the projectile so either it was touching only one side or or the throat was cut unevenly which is unlikely. In my opinion the actual barrels are very good, its the workmanship that is of poor quality. So its a bit of rework but i would be inclined to re chamber and re crown. I believe that this is what "Tac Ops" did when they used to accurize factory remington police and guarantee 1/4 MOA.

I ended up fitting a new barrel from Maddco (Australia) but have kept the old barrel to re chamber later on.
18 Mar 2014
@ 03:13 pm (GMT)


Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
As many of you probably know, Remington took over Marlin production and since that time the manufacturing quality of both of these iconic brands has been suffering. If anything this has been exacerbated by worldwide demand for firearms from the public and especially from military/homeland security.

Personally I prefer to find used firearms in good condition from a happier time. The Marlin lever guns made before the cross bolt safety was mandated by their legal team are generally of much higher quality. As far as the extractor on the 700 it has always been a weak point of the design and I cannot understand why Remington has not adopted a Sako type extractor to their excellent gun.

As time goes on good firearms are becoming more and more valuable and ammunition of any kind (even 22 rimfire) has become ridiculously expensive. It is what it is unfortunately.
18 Mar 2014
@ 03:27 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
As you say Joshua, staff issues, whether that be floor workers or management. The trouble is, if Remington are not made aware of problems, they cannot fix problems. It is great that folk like Alvaro, Les and Chris are willing to take the time to try and make contact with Remington. The big concern is middle men, hopefully the messages get passed on from importers and tech staff to where they are most needed.
18 Mar 2014
@ 07:19 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Working in product development for a large international compony l can assure you all that the wholesalers/importers will be keeping Remington informed of these issues!
Remington have to pay for all the warranty claim repairs!

Build quality & checking needs to improve quickly because faulty chambers & build issues are becomming common. Its starting to hurt the brand name and reputation of a great rifle platform.
21 Mar 2014
@ 01:17 am (GMT)

Johnny Sherry

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Sorry to hear of your rifle issues Alvaro. It would surely leave a disappointing after taste.

I could finally afford to purchase my own Remington Sendero 7mm Magnum this year. I have been working towards having a real tack driver and am in the middle of load development. I could not be happier with the results.

With Nathan over-seeing from afar, so far I am achieving 0.38MOA with handloading, but still refining this. I am also yet to glass bed. I don't mean to rub your nose in it, just to say that your experience, although disappointing, is not typical. Don't give up on Sendero. They are an amazing rifle.
Best of luck
26 Mar 2014
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Les Mulloy

Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)
Hi there Alvaro
Have you had any luck with your rifle ?

Regards -- Les Mulloy


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.