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Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.

15 Sep 2017
@ 12:32 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Guys, just a quick heads up to say that our latest video is now live (hosted with vimeo, 3 month rental).

The Vimeo link can also be accessed via our shopping pages here:

Youtube trailer:

Comedy version of trailer:

Video run time is 1hr54m, covering all aspects of accuracy and trouble shooting including how to overcome bedding issues.

Please note that these rifles cannot be bedded to overcome accuracy by traditional means. Those who are having accuracy issues are advised to refer to this video rather than buying our bedding compound.

I very much hope this video helps those who have been struggling with these rifles.

All the best, Nathan.


17 Sep 2017
@ 02:33 pm (GMT)

Noah Jessee

Re: Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.
Very nicely done video! It's really helpful to see some of the techniques you describe in your books. Well worth the money to watch even if you don't own a Ruger American. Amazing how well the rifle shot.

Watching you shoot with a sling really demonstrates how well it controls recoil. By the way, what sling were you using? Keep the videos going!

17 Sep 2017
@ 02:58 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.
Thanks Noah, that was very kind of you to write that post.

We do try to give as much value as possible. There is a lot more to a rifle than many others would have us believe and I like to get down to the fundamentals and really get to know each gun as an individual. Its very hard to relate this in a trailer. Plus it seems we are against the odds when when every internet hero is trying to make a buck off adwords with a 5 minute review or how-to for the Ruger. So again, I am grateful that you have found value in this.

The sling I used was just a cheapy in accordance with the budget rifle- a Butler Creek neoprene jobby.

Actually I should mention that one of our customer's wives has been making simple web slings on the side (here in NZ- Facebook / Tairua sewing services / / photos). Tanya does a very nice job, utilizing a wide black cordura webbing that terminates at black leather ends. She based the design on the fact that she doesn't like extra ends and buckles hooking up on brush when she is hunting with her own rifle. So its a very clean sling design.

The order of the videos is at this stage based on demand. I was worried about guys getting into trouble with the American (based on my emails) so this had to be done straight after the Tikka. I want to go over M77 bedding next, complete a trouble shooting vid for the M700 after this, then hopefully we can get to work on field shooting work. I know it seems an odd order but its about helping where people need it.

Thanks again Noah.
29 Sep 2017
@ 08:32 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.
Hi Nathan,

Just watched your Ruger American video... I've gotta say that it's very well put together. I learnt a lot & it clarified to me what's involved in getting this rifle to shot reasonably well relative to other lower cost rifles that I'm already familiar with. A good methodical approach as always & a great aid to those with the sense to work through things in this way. Easy to follow.

Cheers Nathan,

02 Oct 2017
@ 09:02 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.
Thanks Jon, much appreciated.
05 Oct 2017
@ 11:02 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Ruger American - Tutorial video now live.
I watched the video the other night, just for interests sake (don't expect to be working with the ruger american).
Also finished watching the rest of the tikka video's.

It was good to see it all done in video form, its funny how sometimes when you read somethings you interpret some things a bit differently. I definitely picked up a couple of the finer details that will help make things that little bit easier and neater in the future.

Also loved the simplicity of the glue n screw method!


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