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New Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag

20 Jul 2019
@ 11:25 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

So, I have had this gun since March 30 and just shot it last week for the first time. Various reasons but that is the case... So I never really had a look at it close since I bought it and cleaned and oiled it. I am not sure if I was more bland then then I am now but I seemed to have missed just how crappy the barrel face is when looked at close. My eyes really didn't pick it up until I took a picture. The miracle of modern zoom...

I have put 6 rounds through it breaking it in. It actually broke in pretty well. Very clean barrel, virtually no copper and really very little else came out. Pretty decent grouping even though I didn't track it. Pretty strong cross wind at times last Sunday and lots of distractions. Just focused on the break in.

I came home and was cleaning it and even though my eyes at that distance are crap, I noticed something, so I took a picture with my phone.

All I can say is wow.. If you can't see this picture let me know.


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07 Sep 2019
@ 04:26 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: New Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Robert, coincidentally, I checked some rounds this morning and found that my OAL was out by the same, or close to, the specs you listed. Near as I can figure is the bullet seater doesn't quite match the profile of the bullet, or it is hitting the plastic tip instead of the ogive. Frustrating for sure, but I'm not sure if that .003" would make a difference or not. Maybe at the 1000 yard mark, but probably not where I hunt.

When I checked the run-out, pretty well the same as yours. Some were bang on, some at .0015" and .002", and out of 36 rounds, 4 were at .003".
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