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NZ South Island Rifle Weight ???

07 Sep 2018
@ 05:17 pm (GMT)


For a rifle with LR capability (500 to 700 yds) chambered in 7.08 or 308W, what do people think is a good scoped weight ? I am not an All Black, either in age or strength.

I have spent time in the South both hunting and tramping - total maybe ten or eleven trips, mainly hunting. I have used both calibers mentioned in very accurate rifles that weighed under 6.5 lbs scoped. Pure joy to carry in steep country, but very demanding to shoot consistently well, particularly when ranges extend.

I am thinking that my compromise point for those calibers may be somewhere between 7.5lbs scoped to no more than 8.5lbs, scoped. Interested in others experience and opinions.


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17 Sep 2018
@ 11:53 am (GMT)


Re: NZ South Island Rifle Weight ???
Thanks Chris. I've got to say that your post is much more in line with what I was expecting LOL.

I agree 100% with your reasoning on stock weight. I follow the same line on mounts also - any weight saved in such places can be "spent" on a heavier barrel and better scope. So move the weight to where it counts, rather than simply shed it.

I've never owned a T3 but I have handled and shot them and recently used one that had been ballasted. The owner had very cleverly put the weight up as close as he could he get it to the grip. May have even been inside the grip. Kept the weight between the hands and retained the quick handling. He also was prone having a bipod hanging off it. I have handled, but not shot, one with the fluted barrel, and didn't like the lack of weight at the front. Interestingly, the T3 barrel is quite meaty compared to some US sporter barrels.

I agree that 9.9lbs would be plenty light enough for a 7mm Practical without a brake or can, but I have no enthusiasm for owning another magnum.

I think you and Bob have confirmed that 8.5/9lbs for a 308 should work well for me.

7.08 is undoubtedly ballistically superior, but there is a bit of history with the 308.

I probably wont use an S111, but if I did, guesstimated weight would sit somewhere between 8.5/9 scoped with a No. 3 cut to maybe 23".
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