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Rifle selection - first magnum

30 Aug 2017
@ 08:53 pm (GMT)

Andrew Smart

Hey Fellas,

First time poster, frequent visitor..a real wealth of knowledge on these boards and Nathan has provided a wonderful resource, thank you.

I'm essentially a bush hobbit and as such have relied on the trusty 308, forever really. I'm on my second one - yes its a Tikka, a wood/blued T3 that I bought about 15 years ago. For the last 5 years it has sat in a B&C stock and is suppressed (ducks head) I reload and use 165gr projectiles from Hornady and Speer depending on usage. I am disappointed if the holes are not all touching or very close to it when I am on the farm practicing.

I chase Sika in very tight crap and reds in Te Urawera a lot of my shooting has been 5-20m. On the odd occasion I shoot 200m or so.

I have a few spots that I would like to start hunting where it is more like long range and less like bush stalking, and I think everyone deserves a Magnum at least once in their lifetime.

So, after my long winded introduction my question is:

Am I crazy looking at a REM 700 and spending some money on it when I know a Tikka will do what I want out of the box?

For the last 12 months I have considered a few rifles but always gone back to a Laminated Tikka in 7mm RM or 300WM. (leaning toward WM for sharing some projectiles with the 308)

This week I have thought more along the lines of SPS REM 700, New Trigger and a Precision Platform Stock. Then as funds allow, bed it etc.

What I like about the REM 700 over the Tikka is that it has a 26" barrel, and allows for longer COAL if required.

What I like about the Tikka is that it is generally a known quantity performance wise and I have a set of 30mm rings for one already.

Either way I will be buy the recommended literature and follow the running in process and suggested recommendations.

I'm not interested in hearing about using the 308 for everything sorry, I want a new rifle dammit!




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06 Nov 2017
@ 08:27 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Rifle selection - first magnum
Great stuff Andrew
I have had a look that rifle couple times in reloaders and it's got a real nice feel to it
from memory the factory trigger is still in it but tuned a little, if your finding it still little heavy an after market one would be the way to go

Groups are looking good and only going to get better after bedding.

Look forwards to see the progress
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