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270win /150 sst

22 Oct 2012
@ 09:02 am (GMT)

Trevor Wilkes

Gday Nathan,
Took a trip to the range to test some handloads today as per usual always windy but got to shoot from 51gr to 52.6gr of 2209 with some tight groups in there have to try the rest another day.
I had made up some 150s with 2213sc to do a ladder test but that wasnt working out with the weather so thought I would just get some velocity readings and try my new magneto chrony.
The last reading I got was with 58.5gr at 2886 fps which is getting close to your recommended 2900fps no pressure sighns at that so was wanting to ask how far could I go with the 2213sc,58.5gr is only 1gr over listed max so I assume there is room to go.
When working up over max with the 130gr noslers the tikka when fired went off with a crack and a horrible resinating vibration through the stock and action not a nice feeling but with the 2213sc when fired there is just a nice solid thud.
Im going to take note with the 150s and 2209 when I start to get a few grains over max and see if this happens again shall let you know how it goes.

Cheers Trevor.


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01 Oct 2015
@ 09:36 pm (GMT)

Paul Yates

Re: 270win /150 sst
Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the advice.

I am fairly confident hunting to about ~300y max. Typically, however, it is between 30y and 200y.

All my brass is already once (or more) fired and only neck-resized, as I use a Classic Lee Loader.
02 Oct 2015
@ 03:47 pm (GMT)

Paul Yates

Re: 270win /150 sst
Well, it is clear to me now that physical and psychological factors are what led me to experience the 57.5gr loads as "too much". I spent some time shooting yesterday and, as planned, I decided to try the 2 58gr loads that I had made. Certainly the recoil was sturdy, but they weren't nearly as unpleasant as the 57.5gr loads I had tried. It seems that my tender shoulder and my belief that I was going "beyond max" had created the drama in my mind.

The 58gr loads showed no true signs of over-pressure. They extracted fine, there are no signs of stretching or cracking and the primers don't look any different than those of the 57gr loads. Odd how I had fooled myself before.

At some point I will spend more time at the range and work with the 58gr loads more to see how well they shoot. I really need to invest in a chrony before taking things any further, though. For now, I am focusing on hunting with the 57gr loads.
21 Oct 2015
@ 06:38 pm (GMT)

Paul Yates

Re: 270win /150 sst
I am happy to report that I took my first animal on Sunday with my 150gr SST hand load!

The animal was a big-bodied 2x2 mule deer buck. I ranged it at 200 yards (after the fact). The projectile shattered the deer's foreleg, just above the elbow, then ripped through the lower portion of the rib cage and sternum and came to rest just under the hide of the opposite foreleg. I regret that I did not take photos.

I still do not know why such a poor shot resulted in a relatively quick death, but there was a tremendous amount of blood inside the chest cavity, so I can only conclude that the bullet fragmented (along with bone) and some of these shards made their way into the lungs. The deer hobbled around for perhaps 20 seconds and then crashed. Within 10 seconds of dropping, I could tell it had expired.

Not a stellar shot on my part. From now on I will take the time (if possible) to range the animal and use my ballistic plex reticle accordingly.

I am very happy with how the projectile performed, of course.
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