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The Door (Paperback)

The Door (Paperback)
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The Door is the biographical account of Nathan Foster. Having experienced severe trauma during his childhood, Nathan sets out on an adventure of self-discovery in the exciting but often dangerous and violent New Zealand club scene. Determined to master, not just the art of being an effective bouncer but also himself, his journey takes him to London where, faced with new challenges and new dangers he is determined to be a man of honor and courage.

Nathan Foster is a world renowned expert in the subject of terminal ballistics. His knowledge and expertise in his chosen field is utilized by various military and law enforcement personnel globally and his dedication to aiding hunters meet their goals is unparalleled. But only through pushing himself to his limits could he achieve this level of excellence. His time spent on The Door was pivotal in making him the man he is today.

To our regular readers - please note, this is not a hunting book!

426 pages, Paperback (worldwide shipping).

Nathan Foster, Co-authored by Stephanie Foster.

It is rare for a book to have such a profound impact on a reader. This biography is astounding. Not for the faint of heart, the Door is a gripping and visceral insight into the life and upbringing of a man who faced and overcame violence and injustice. Foster challenges himself to be a better man and a better hunter. In my opinion this is required reading for hunters of all types as well as professionals in security, protection and law enforcement. Anyone who, when push comes to shove, will stand up to bullies and injustice should read and meditate on the philosophical wisdom that Foster conveys as a Guardian. B. Johnson, Australia.

F..k me!!! Mate... I am lost for words. Its a gripping, heart wrenching, emotional read. I'm still working it over in my head, it brought up so many questions. I think it's a testament to you and Steph that you are who you are. Things could have gone such a very different way. It really cemented my understanding of who you are and gave me a very good insight to your thought processes and reasoning. N.Z. New Zealand.

What a page turner! I didn't put it down. A deep and touching read. Hats off to you for coming through it all with a calm head and a respect for others. It's a deeply touching read Nathan and you should be immensely proud of yourself to come through it as the person you are. Thanks. J.G. New Zealand.

Wow, what a page turner. I am so happy that I got to read this book. There's no way I could even put words together to describe what I felt reading it. Legend. B.M. Australia.

Not sure where to begin. After reading your latest book “The Door” I’m dumbfounded and amazed that you became the person you became. How on earth you broke that mold is a testament to you as a human being. Surely someone in your youth instilled an ethic / moral foundation ? Did you honestly just figure it out on your own? This simply blows me away, it is so rare. My upbringing was the exact opposite of yours. I never saw anything but love in my family as well as all the friends of my family. You on the other hand had to find those answers / truth for yourself. You did and what a rare and beautiful thing that was. I thank you for writing this book, I enjoyed it immensely. It makes you so much more than just the gun wizard. Wishing you and your family all the best. B.B. U.S.A.

Dear Nathan and Steph, I have just finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing your life with those of us who’ve wondered what you’re about. A very insightful look at who both of you are. Learning life’s lessons and having the ability to share them with others has been your gift. I’ve read and enjoyed and learned a lot from your books but The Door opened my eyes to see that even though we are separated by many miles and our paths may never cross, our lives paths can lead us to very similar conclusions. Thank you for your honesty and your gratefulness. W.B. U.S.A.

I stayed up late just to finish your book. Your collaboration did an amazing thing, it enticed me into the netherworld of clubs, bars, and violence for which I have never had the slightest interest. I guess I had the outlines of your lives smattering around in my head, but did not really understand how it all connected as an odyssey of healing. Lucky and blessed, that you were brought you together and that you had the sense to stick. Very fine work, quite the skillful writers. J.H. U.S.A.


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