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MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer Kit

MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer Kit
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A flexible plastic rifle stock can only mean one thing- poor accuracy.


Australian customers please make your purchase through our Australian distributor

International customers please note, we can no longer ship our bedding or stabilizer products overseas (outside of New Zealand) to individual customers. Bulk imports can however be arranged with prospective importers / distributors.

Click here for Stabilizer instructions online.

Click here for a printable PDF instructions download.

Factory rifles feature what is known as pressure point bedding in an attempt to minimize plastic stock flexing and the resulting poor accuracy.  With pressure point bedding, the forend of the rifle stock is wedged against the barrel, usually via pressure point pads.  While accuracy may be adequate for cold barrel shooting, as soon as the barrel heats up, the upwards force of the stock causes strung groups. 

It is common for shooters to want to minimize warm barrel stringing. Many shooters will attempt to free float their rifle barrels to alleviate this potential problem. But on a plastic stocked rifle, if the barrel is free floated to alleviate pressure point bedding, the plastic stock is too flexible and accuracy completely falls to pieces.

T3 pressure point web small

Pressure point on a plastic rifle stock

MatchGrade Stock stabilizer removes plastic stock flexing!

MatchGrade Synthetic stock stabilizer is an easy to use product, designed by Terminal Ballistics Research to remove flexing from plastic rifle stocks.  Used in conjunction with MatchGrade bedding compound, MatchGrade Stock Stabilizer creates a rigid forend and optimizes rifle accuracy.

Simply ad part A to part B and pour into the prepared stock forend, no measuring required. Total job time including preparation is approximately 1 hour.

Each kit contains enough Stabilizer for one rifle.

Click here for Stabilizer instructions online

Kit includes:
  • Part A 200g (typical fill is around 150 grams)
  • Part B 38g
  • Release agent
  • Mixing bowl

Note!: Stabilizing needs to be done in conjunction with bedding. Stabilize first, then bed the rifle.  If a plastic stock is stabilized but left unbedded, a flex point will occur at the recoil lug recess of the stock. This flex point will destroy any attempts to optimize accuracy. Bed the rifle action after stabilizing, bedding at least the first inch of the barrel (depending on contour) for a fully rigid stock.

Andy SPS for Web small

A stabilized and bedded Remington SPS.  This 7mm Rem Mag rifle shoots sub .3 MOA.

Please click here to see MatchGrade bedding compound for user reviews on stabilized and bedded rifle projects

NB: We are now  seeing Sako A7 stocks breaking at the front sling stud. The break is roughly one inch in diameter around the stud.  While our stabilizer is an excellent and successful method of repairing these breakages (replacements stocks cost $900NZ from the importer), we recommend stabilizing as a preventative measure.  However, please be aware that any alterations to your Sako stock will void all factory warranty.

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