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Long-Range Tutorial Hunts

Precision_long_Range.jpgHave you thought that shooting game at ranges beyond 250 yards was beyond you? Have you wanted to try long range hunting but are worried that it is a technical science beyond the realms of the average hunter. Well, check out our long-range tutorial hunts!

The objective of a long range tutorial hunt is to get your rifle as accurate as possible and have you shooting your rifle with ease. Once you have decided that you want to shoot long range, send us your rifle (if necessary) for accurising. Load development will further ensure that your rifle is shooting at peak performance. Once your rifle is producing sub MOA groups, you will able to engage difficult targets, not only at the normal, initial anticipated ranges of 300 yards for our standard hunting trips, but also as far as the wind and power of the cartridge will allow. Once a rifle is accurate and the shooter comfortable behind it, hunters find that they can obtain clean fast kills at long ranges, where before, clean killing at 300 yards was questionable. It is also important to us that hunters realize that long range hunting is a sport enjoyable to all, not just those who can afford elaborate rifles and equipment. If you have the desire to shoot to the best of your ability this tutorial hunt is a must.

Long range hunts suit both beginners and shooters with vast hunting experience but are new or of intermediate experience in the field of long range hunting. The hunts are always very exciting and in no way does the hunter need to be a math expert or crack shot. Once we get started you will find that long range shooting is extremely rewarding.

Typically, the hunter will send us their rifle 6 weeks ahead of the hunt trip date. The rifle is accurized, scope calibrated and trajectories plotted. Upon arrival the hunter spends some time at our range shooting the tuned rifle before we embark into the hills. On live game, the shooting starts at around 300 yards with ranges increased as the shooter gains confidence. Maximum game shooting distances here are approximately 1200 yards.

Hunters may also want to allow extra time to make the most of the trip and tutorials, especially due to the evenings being the most productive shooting time because of settled winds. Reloading tuition is also available for those interested. Extra days/nights (1 or 2 hunters) are priced at $250.

Hunters will need a rifle of sound design and adequate power. As previously stated, the rifle does not have to be a high end design, just a sound platform. The 7mm and .30 calibers upwards are preferred due to desirable bullet weights. Magnum power is optimal but not a necessity. Those who wish to use cartridges such as the .308 Winchester can do so but for ethical reasons, should not expect to take game at ranges beyond 700 yards. Optics also need to be sound. I do not allow the use of Swarovski or Zeiss optics on our tutorial trips due to witnessing past injuries to clients, caused by the short eye relief of these optics versus the often uneven local terrain. I do not allow the use of Chinese optics.

The bulk of our trip will consist of:
  • Understanding the rifle and the mechanics of rifle accuracy
  • Understanding the scope
  • Exterior ballistics - trajectory
  • Reloading technique (if required and where time allows)
  • Types of ammunition and the effect on terminal ballistics
  • Mechanics of wounding and killing
  • Mammal anatomy
  • Long range field target shooting
  • Pig sniping (and stalking)
  • Long range goat shooting
  • Game butchering

Precision Long Range tutorial hunting trip, 2 nights / 3 days, pigs (one pig per hunter), goats.
Price 1 hunter: $1400
Price 2 hunters: $1650
Extra pigs $150
Extra nights $250 (for both one or two hunters)
Pre trip rifle accurising $800 base price per rifle plus consumables or extra labor if required.

Please contact us for queries, bookings or simply to say hello.

Basic cost break down of the above:
Food $120
Fuel $80
Land owner fee $300 per person
My time: Pre and post trip work plus 3 days in field equals a total 5 days labor.

Long range Practice:

tutorial 1 web large

Tomorrow nights curry awaits us at 700 yards:

tomorrows goat curry at 700 yards web large

Setting up for the coming evening:

Setting up for a pig web large

Reaching out:

hunting with Nath web large

A large boar with companions at long range:

big pig zoom

Our minus 5 star accommodation. Includes such conveniences as sometimes having running water, saving a trip to the creek (see water pipe and tap at right of hut). In this photo a delicious meal of goat curry is being prepared. The ambiance of head torch lighting at night helps ensure that you cannot see what you are eating. The twin waste disposal units and dish washers are always ready to clean up your scraps and lick your plates to a clean gleaming perfection:

The gang web large

K9 heat pump to ensure our clients have a luxurious stay:

Regan and Sarge

Back packing a wild pig:

Carry out



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We are a small family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing ... read more



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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.