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Commercial Consultancy

Where it all goes wrong

Most bullet manufacturers feel they have a handle on their markets. You know how a bullet is supposed to work, you know what the market requires right? 

Well maybe not.

I can tell you right now that there are some very prestigious cartridge and projectile manufacturers that have absolutely no clue as to what they are doing. This may sound like a very bold statement - surely such manufacturers have all of the facts, all of the research? In my experience the answer is quite simply - no they don't have all of the facts. Markets have shifted forwards as hunters and tactical shooters reach out to ever longer ranges.

Relatively speaking, some ballisticians do not have a grasp of what is required of modern bullets. A classic example is the emphasis placed on exterior ballistics, with little understanding of low velocity killing.


Designing projectiles and ammunition to suit a variety of specific tasks is perhaps the most difficult challenge manufacturers face.

While Terminal Ballistics Research have a commitment to helping hunters achieve success through education, we offer similar, private education to industry players. 

Sorry to burst your bubble - but you don't know everything.

That's why we help each other.

After an initial free consultation, a decision will be made as to how best to proceed with help. Quite often we offer our services via donation (Koha is the New Zealand Maori term for such practices). This is especially so if ammunition or projectiles may be of benefit to the wider hunting community and game (humane killing).

More intensive research and investigation incurs labor costs.

Our services have been utilized by such entities as:

Rocky Mountain Bullets
Matrix Bullets
Antipodean Industrial
Canadian Military

Plus many more organizations.

All consultancy work is treated as strictly confidential.

Whether your company is attempting to produce economical budget loadings or premium projectiles and ammunition, Terminal Ballistics Research provides reliable education, support and solutions. We have an in-depth understanding of most manufacturers markets - due to our extensive experience with the hunting community and we have a sound understanding of the typical concerns hunters have about ammunition and projectiles.

Rifle design and implementation

As with cartridge design, it is very easy to miss the market when designing a new rifle. We have far too many over-complicated civilian and tactical rifle designs fitted with all of the whistles and bells but lacking sound fundamental engineering principles.

Do you want your rifle to be used - or to just look pretty.

We are here to help. A simple phone call or email can be the difference between success and failure.

For all enquiries please contact us using the details on our contact us page.

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Achieve success with the long range hunting book series & matchgrade bedding products


We are a small family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing ... read more



If you find the resources on this website to be valuable, we would be sincerely grateful if you would consider making a donation to help us cover the costs of the website and to assist us to continue our research and testing into the future.  It doesn't matter whether your donation is big or small - it makes all the difference!


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.