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Re: Home and alternative remedies

18 Aug 2015
@ 08:38 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Steph uses tumeric quite a bit, tells me its a super food so it ends up mixed in everything and you can barely taste it anyway.

I find recovery from martial arts training to be slow in the winter. I am carrying quite a few injuries at present, put my back out when throwing an opponent (must be getting too old huh). I went to the chiro, he was good but wrenched shit out of me. Went to the Osteo, not really my thing sorry. Went to the Chinese, they beat the shit out of me and I am feeling much better each week. So for now, I will stick with our New Plymouth version of Jet Li , traditional Chinese massage or in western lingo, the torture table. I have been meaning to post about this for a while. I know western men don't feel comfortable with massage from another man. My mother pushed me into this when we were in Auckland earlier this year. I cannot emphasize how beneficial this has been. I see so many mates aching from hard labor but are too timid to go and get a good hiding from our local Asian services. This to me is a cultural exchange at its best.

I broke my thumb last year. I have quite a few breaks from the wrist forwards from my previous employment. The doc wanted to put me in a cast but we crushed up comfrey (knit bone) leaves into a poultice with arnica, packed my hand in cling film, then put the hand and arm into a splint. Changed every day for 6 weeks. It has taken a while but I have seen full recovery without pins or screws.

You know as this thread goes on, we could compile quite a list of tricks.

Magnesium salts are expensive locally. Will have a look around when next in the city.

As for nettle, I took some video footage of this a while back. Need to splice it with some other footage and post a new youtube vid. Hell its hard to find the time to fit all of this in. I will be so relieved once this final book is out the door.


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