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Re: New phone won't work...

04 Mar 2020
@ 03:12 pm (GMT)

Scott Struif

I see your point, and agree with you. But unfortunately, with a phone, you haven't much choice. There are hacks you can do with a phone, like turning off the microphone. I never use mine, unless I'm on hold and switch to speakerphone. So I could disable it. But google is going to collect your search data no matter what device or operating system you use. Even if you don't log in to a google account, they'll track you by your IP address. So unless you're a computer wiz and know how to spoof your address, or how to hack into somebody else's router, they can figure out who you are. And none of that would work if you're on a cellular network because your phone has a unique IMIE number. So unless we're going back to Dixie cups and threads to communicate, we're screwed.


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