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Re: Decking / house wood oil

14 Oct 2019
@ 07:11 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Rob, the tar sets to some extent. It will generally lock the thread on the tar bottle over winter, but with a bit of warmth, it loosens up. I can see how it would help to prevent both loosening and full seizing.

I tried the tar with our pet wild boar. He did not like it so much, shied away from it. We keep him parasite free but he still likes to have a rub and has his favorite posts etc to rub against. I applied the tar to a rub - no dice. Perhaps if he had a very bad itch (parasites) he might get the urge to rub against it.

I have also tried thinning the tar and applying it to the outer of a gun barrel. Worked well but its failry sticky, picks up dust easily. It works very well externally on our quad bike chassis but mud sticks to it. Best to finish with diesel / oil.


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