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Re: Decking / house wood oil

13 Oct 2019
@ 02:37 pm (GMT)

Robert Kennedy

Interesting about using Stockholm tar to prevent mold. Gun stock oil I have made from a popular recipe is to use boiled linseed oil, 2 parts to 1 part gum turpentine (not mineral turpentine ) Before boiled linseed was available you needed to boil the oil yourself on the kitchen stove (while the chef is away for the day) and add the gum turpentine without it all catching on fire.
Stockholm tar is a great substitute for anti-seize compound on bolt threads in severe applications. I once had to help change out a set of track rollers on a Cat D8 used in sand mining on the beach. I was dreading the process of removing the fastening bolts - 7/8"or 1" NC, without an air-impact gun to break them loose. But once they were broken free with a socket, breaker bar and pipe extension you could undo them with your fingers. My more experienced mate had been using Stockholm tar on all the fasteners on the equipment there. The bolts did not come loose either, in service, even with the vibration from running a dozer on hard sand.


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