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COLFO's work: Fair & Reasonable Gun Laws Campaign. SUPPORT PLEASE!

11 Jul 2019
@ 12:52 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Hi fellow Kiwi hunters & shooters,

I am posting this with Nathan's blessing.

Please read below & take the time to support COLFO with a donation you can afford. These guys represent us & are the right vehicle to support if you want your interests represented with regard to influencing any legislative change proposed.

We all want what is "fair & reasonable" with regard to any amendments to legislation so rather than panic about what might happen (which really won't help anything), put your money where your mouth is & support the sensible work COLFO are doing on all our behalf.

See below;

The Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (COLFO) has just launched a new campaign to fight against the Government ramming through reactive, and impractical firearms laws which penalise you as a responsible firearms owner.

The Fair and Reasonable Campaign is a coalition of firearms owners and stakeholders who are concerned as a result of the rushed firearms legislation introduced by the Government in April.

But to be effective, we need your help. Will you chip-in to the campaign for Fair and Reasonable gun laws?

We have launched our campaign website at which will develop as our campaign gains momentum.

Sign up now to receive updates at

This campaign is totally crowdfunded, and without your help, we can’t fight for your rights as a responsible gun owner. Donate now at to make sure there is someone on your side in the coming firearms debates. IMAS members have donated $100 each and challenged the rest of us to do the same. However we only ask you to donate whatever you can afford.
Thank you for your support to ensure any changes to our firearms laws are Fair and Reasonable.

Yours sincerely
Michael Dowling
Council of Licensed Firearms Owners


11 Jul 2019
@ 05:44 pm (GMT)

Steve Wilson

Re: COLFO's work: Fair & Reasonable Gun Laws Campaign. SUPPORT PLEASE!
Hi Jon,
Thank you for that information and link.
I have signed up and donated and likewise encourage other Kiwi
firearms licencees to also "put their money where their mouth is".
This will give us a single entity to all get behind to promote fair and
reasonable treatment.

11 Jul 2019
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Steph Foster

Re: COLFO's work: Fair & Reasonable Gun Laws Campaign. SUPPORT PLEASE!
Thank you very much for this Jon.

The worst thing about political situations like the one we find ourselves in is the feeling of helplessness that can become very pervasive. So thank you Jon for this great opportunity to take action, contribute and aid the fight against a bad situation.

As Jon said - we need to put our money where our mouth is and let's get behind Colfo please and tell your friends.

Cheers, Steph & Nathan.
12 Jul 2019
@ 11:27 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: COLFO's work: Fair & Reasonable Gun Laws Campaign. SUPPORT PLEASE!
PLEASE EVERYONE.............

Support the "Council of Licenced Firearms Owners" please!!! Don't let the actions of one deranged lunatic seal the fate of every other law abiding legally licensed New Zealand firearms License holder and legal owner's
If we all donate $100 they'll have $25 Million as a fighting fund.
United we'll stand, Divided we'll fall.



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