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Re: Mass Shooting

24 Mar 2019
@ 10:23 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

ok Ive stayed silent on this thread for a time now to ponder my thoughts/process them properly.
awesome post Steph...absolutely awesome.
live n let live and love one an other....(there are a couple of songs in there)

had a random though about the proposed buy back of the MSSAs out there...wouldnt it be great/nice/usefull/less painfull IF the rifles when purchased by taxpayer $$$$ were then given to the armed forces whos firearms are purchased by the taxpayers $$$$$
the armourers could have a field day....anything that was junk....dump anything that is worthwhile using but in obscure calibre,put in grease and store for "just in case" and the others in std form/calibre could be issued out...we would end up with one of the best equiped/armed service folk around.those very accurate rifles could be issued to units who could really USE them to greater good.
still be a kick in the guts to folk who unvolentaraly sold them but better than them being crushed.

another thing is how to explain to non shooting or uneducated folk what/why the current laws HAVENT worked....this is MY take on it
to use a different analogy....lets take four wheel drive vechiles and pretend for a momont we want to stop folk off road four wheel driving
so we introdue some laws to prevent it/make it really difficult
first off we say you are allowed to own and use a say nissan terrano BUT you have to run it with road grip tyres and arent allowed a fuel tank of more than 35 litres
if everyone complies you wont get far off track and cant travel long theory problem solved
then comes the fly in ointment/loophole
you can own a nissan 2wd ute and run what ever tyres/rims you like
you can have fuel in a jerry can AS LONG as they arent used in/on the terrano

what I see has happened is the manufactures/retailers have pandered to the instant gratification memememe crowd who wanted the tacticool look and made things to (deliberately???) get around the loopholes in the law and make $$$$ from this niche need.

look at any guncity full page add from last 2 years and at a quick glance you will see 10-15 guns/rifles that LOOK like something Rambo n co would use.
its only when you look closer you spot the bolt action or thumbhole stock..... one has been made to look the part ,the other given a paint n panel to desguise its true form.
we allowed the "intent" of the existing laws to be circumvented

my thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the dead and wounded from this mongrels "craziness"

take care of yourselves and one and other folks


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