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Re: Have a laugh!

16 Aug 2018
@ 03:23 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

Luck, Paul. On the Home page for the site there is that section that shows the two most recent posts. Because of the way this site functions, the posts in that box show up in kind of an unprocessed format so all the links and tags and formatting shows up. In the forum threads it shows up as processed html code so you don't see all the tags and such. I caught your post when the link was visible on the home page and copied it when I didn't see it on this page.

https links are a secure link. If you are logged into YouTube/Google and copy a link it generally gives you a secured link. This site doesn't like to process those links as a link. If you remove the s from the https it generally works at that point. I'll try to demonstrate with Warwick's link. Watch it prove me wrong, but if it does what I expect, the "click here" after the https link either won't show at all, or will show but not function as a link.

https link: Click here

http link: Click here


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