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Re: Non-plastic wraps

28 Jul 2018
@ 01:27 am (GMT)

mark korte

"I just don't see the possibility of someone carving the keyboard buttons out of bone or wood. A society of convenience, driven by the marketing specialists that tell us what we can't live without"
Well said Paul. I made a brief comment on another thread about market driven products and our reliance on ever "better" phones, tablets etc. I thought it interesting that folks were pointing out the uselessness of things on new guns like plastic stocks, muzzle breaks etc and complaining about spell check at the same time. What ever happened to learning to spell? Its a rat wheel and to a degree we are all slaves to it, witting or no. Small gestures like wax paper instead of plastic probably aren't going to save the big picture, but they definitely (just had to look that word spelling up!) help us carve out a small space of sanity in our own lives. That in and of itself is priceless.


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