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Re: Antlers and Inches

31 Dec 2016
@ 03:24 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a hunting partner, describing successful hunts of the past. It wasn't until I was re-reading this thread that it dawned on me how we had been describing the animals. It was by weight, at the butchers. Apparently, we don't really care how many points the animal scores. The descriptions used were comments like "a big bull", in reference to a mature bull moose when taken under the Limited Entry Authorization; another was "a bull (or cow) elk", with the understanding that it was a 6-point due to antler restrictions in our area, or in the antlerless season. What questions and comments were always made were "how big?", and the answers were in pounds, "680# on the hook" or "320# in the freezer". I guess we are more interested in how long we eat like kings.


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