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Re: Dream Trips

29 Apr 2016
@ 11:03 pm (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

I think my all time dream hunt would be either grass lands of Namibia or Northern Cape South Africa (similar veld/bush type) not guided and just left on my own to camp and appreciate the raw beauty of the place.

Camp for a while and learn the area and hunt for Eland, Kudu or Oryx. I think best tasting of these are between Kudu and Oryx so the would be preference. Sadly very few places exist that would allow this as its all private land and more geared for assisted hunting.

But hey, somewhere along the line I will make a plan to meet a friendly farmer and convince him its a good idea!

I'd also love to hunt or hike through different areas as I hear descriptions of members of the forum describing their experiences and hunting places. But first prize stays South Africa for me, just mad about the diversity and beauty of the place.

Cheers for a great thread!


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