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Favourite for Moosemeat

19 Nov 2015
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

I am not a good cook. I can make my own breakfast, and that's only if there's coffee in the house. What I do cook is often simple and straight forward. I don't use salt, it makes things salty. Pepper is ok, but only after things are cooked. I like the taste of meat. I don't like hiding that taste, or "improving" that taste. To that end, here is my recipe for Moose:

Start the barbeque. Use only hardwood charcoal, not briquets. Use an electric starter (or a paper match, for homemade charcoal). Build the fire way to big for your cuts of meat. Wait until it's ready. If you can hold your hand over the coals for more than one second, wait, it's not hot enough. Put your moose meat on the grill, when it's done, you can eat it.

Potatoes, scallops, or halibut are acceptable side dishes. Nothing else is. No peas. No beans. No salad. Maybe, just in case you had to share, and there wasn't enough meat, some garlic bread. But that's it. No kale, no tofu, and definitely no friggin' quinoa.


19 Nov 2015
@ 10:54 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Favourite for Moosemeat
Hey Paul.
I agree mate, but we don't have Moose in Australia fortunately.

Oh, and when it stops wriggling it's ready to eat, I hate over cooked venison.


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