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13 Dec 2014
@ 04:54 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Here is how an old timer I knew growing up cooked his chops for breakfast EVERY morning for unteen dozen years. works great with mutton chops and just as good with pork chops that are a tad on the lean side (fat ones work too)
place chops in large frypan..electric ones work great as does a big heavy cast Iron one.
a little fat is good not too much as chops will give off their own.
start to brown just a little as you boil jug for cuppa tea.
pour your cuppa then pour rest of boiling water into hot pan to cover chops. cover pan if you can and leave to cook at highish temp for about 45-60 mins, as water level gets right down they will start to sizzle...give a good shake/stir give about another 2 mins then turn them over to get caramel type browning on that side too...serve up hot and enjoy.
cooked this way chops come out super tender and the browning from pan leaves great taste.
I dont wash pan afterwards as its coated with fat and will keep just fine in cupboard for week or so till need it next.


14 Dec 2014
@ 12:21 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: chops
Sounds like a great method Mike, I might even throw some onions in closer to the end.


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