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24 Jun 2014
@ 07:45 am (GMT)

mark whiteley

1 x rabbit portioned
2 x cans of tomato and bacon soup
2 x onion's
1 x carrot

soak rabbit portion's in salted water over night, (to get rid of game taste)

empty the cans of soup into casserole dish
add sliced carrot, add chopped onion's, add rabbit
place in oven at 180 degree's for two hours or until cooked,
do not eat until the next day, if you can

it's something I can cook that people will eat, LOL
you can substitute rabbit for other meat of your choice
I hope you try it you will enjoy this very easy meal


04 Jul 2014
@ 05:16 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: rabbit
Thanks for the recipe Mark. I may just give this one a try one day.

Much appreciated.


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