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Vegetable Revolution... Vegolution?

27 Feb 2020
@ 02:14 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

My wife recently proclaimed a vegetable revolution in our house. I was skeptical at first thinking she was just going to try to force everyone to eat more of the same old same old. I was mistaken. She is trying new (to us) vegetables, trying new ways of cooking some that I like but that she never has, and it is showing real promise. We've always primarily been a potato and green bean family with occasional forays into corn and experiments with rice. So, pretty boring and not really all that healthy. In the last few weeks she has been trying different ways or roasting large quantities of things like beets, persimmons, carrots, mushrooms, and more on Sundays and then eating them through the week. Here it is Wednesday evening and I just had a delicious plate of these assorted vegetables mixed into some slow roasted pork. I'm on board for the Vegolution. So help us out - what are your favorite vegetables to eat on their own or pair with meat, and how do you like them cooked?


03 Mar 2020
@ 06:09 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: Vegetable Revolution... Vegolution?
Correction: we are roasting parsnips, not persimmons.


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