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Re: venison recipe wanted

27 Nov 2019
@ 08:35 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

alot is in the said above,and in thread below..... you CAN take out your steak and sit it in fridge for a couple of days before it a little more time,sat in basic marinade,honey,little vinegar or wine and some cooking oil....stir it around every now and then....
I ASUME you are cutting across grain of meat???? like ringing a always amazes me how many people dont as they dont know any better.if you rings/steaks are 1/2" thick a good pounding with Maxwell before cooking never goes are in effect giving it a prechew.also ASUME you have removed the silverskin???? the layer coating muscles...this is the tough bit...take it off and its like eating bread with crusts removed.

my latest trick for aging involves two buckets one with holes in base inside the other...fill with meat and poke in fridge,stiring daily. the blood has somewhere to go so meat ages nicely.


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