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Deer offal

12 Jan 2018
@ 08:32 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Fried deer liver, kidneys and heart. On their own or all together. Put a big nob of real cows butter in the old cast iron frying pan let it get hot while you slice the offal into thin strips. Fry till brown and turn once. Don't over cook. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy. You can sweat onions in the pan first cook the offal and make gravy in the pan after cooking and serve on a piece of toast. The iron and other good things in the food gives you a good boost of energy And the taste is out of the world And beats any takeaway you can buy. Keep your offal and give it a try. don't let social conditioning and peer opinion rob you of a delicious dinner .........


13 Jan 2018
@ 04:15 pm (GMT)

Michael Lang

Re: Deer offal
I have never tried kidney on its own, nor deer liver, but the heart is the best cut of meat off of a deer. I eat it exactly as you describe.
13 Jan 2018
@ 08:03 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Deer offal
heart sliced about 1/2'' thick fried in butter along with the eye fillets (thats the wee ones inside the body cavity from hips to kidneys) they get left behind by the uneducated heathen.........
are the food from the gods,any hunter worth his weight in goat turds should prize these morsels above any other.
placed on toast sliced white bread again with real butter (saw a pound for $10;70 the other day) with salt and pepper and you will be drooling.
11 Jan 2019
@ 02:42 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Deer offal
While it's not deer I tried heart for the first time today. It was from a hare.
Simply fried in olive oil until cooked. Just delicious. Tender, tasty. It was excellent.
I tried it's liver too, which tasted just fine but I must have over cooked it because the texture was powdery, not at all pleasant to have in your mouth.

I left the kidneys but will try them next time.
12 Jan 2019
@ 11:08 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Deer offal
Remember to check animals for disease and illnesses.
Liver fluke, heart worms,TB , Hydatids are some of the
Ones to know what to look for. Below is an article on Hydatids
It's not a bad idea to educate yourself to identify and know what to look for
As you gut and dress your home killed meat. Being responsible for your own and others Health and hygiene are all a part of being a good hunter and provider. Essential knowledge if you want to eat safely and well.Be wise and keep safe.
13 Jan 2019
@ 06:30 am (GMT)

Caleb Mayfield

Re: Deer offal


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