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Goat Massaman Curry - pressure cooker

05 Jul 2017
@ 05:02 pm (GMT)

Andy Hrelja

Made this one the other day with some fresh goat meat (hind leg). Have made the same recipe plenty of times with beef but as I had the goat meat handy I just swapped it out. I used the pressure cooker to cut down cooking time (If you haven't tried pressure cookers yet, I highly recommend them. Especially for this sort of stuff) Came up tops. The secret is the curry mix :)

1 x goat leg, meat cubed into about 1" or so
3 x small brown onions, quartered
3-4 medium potatoes, cut about the same size or slightly smaller than the meat
Some stock (beef, chick, veg, whatever) or water. Amount will depend on how much meat you have
1 can coconut cream
3 big spoonfuls Massaman curry paste (best one I found was at the Asian grocer - don't recall the name but it's a yellow tub with a picture of an older asian lady on it, with Thai writting. I find the actual Thai pastes are better than the ones made elsewhere)

Open coconut cream, scoop out the hard bit on top, chuck it into hot pressure cooker pot along with the curry mix and get it hot, stir it around and get all mixed and sizzling.
Throw in the meat and stir it so it's covered in the curry
Pour in rest of what was in the can.
Pour in stock / water to just cover meat. Give it all a good mix. Pop the lid on tight, cook for about 40-50 min.
Release pressure, remove lid, add onions and potatoes, mix it all, pop lid back on, cook for another 10-15 min. Done. Server with rice or what ever takes your fancy. As I often just cook by eye / taste, feel free to vary the amounts to suit. You can also try adding the onions in the first stage.

With the pressure cooker, after that time the meat should be so tender you'll hardly need to chew :) Enjoy.


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