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Bone Broth

02 May 2017
@ 01:46 pm (GMT)

Dan Keene

For Warwick!
Take one pressure cooker (or croc pot/slow cooker) pressure cooker is best because it is so much quicker.
Stuff it with all the bones you can find. Use the joints, so spine especially good.
Dont worry if there is some meat on the bones.
I always put in at least one pig trotter for the gelatin and beef tendons if I can get them.
1 table spoon salt. Stuff carrot and onion into the spaces and some garlic.
Add water.
Cook for 4-5 hours at full pressure or 24 hours for a crock pot.
When done fish out all the bone you can find.
Top up the pot with warm water to near the top then blend the whole lot with a hand blender until smooth. (Optional bit - blend in 4 table spoons Turmeric to help your joints not ache. It does make a difference)
Then I decant into plastic cups and freeze them. (I put some dried seaweed into the bottom of each cup before pouring).
Then microwave a cupfull whenever you want some. I usually get about 30 cups per batch.
I know bone broth is supposed to be clear but I get a lot more beneficial nutrients this way.


02 May 2017
@ 07:04 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Bone Broth
What Dan said.

Additionally you can soak your bones in cold water with a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar added. Soak the bones in the cold mixture for about an hour before cooking, this will leach more nutrients out of the bones.

Another point is that you can make bone broth out of your roasted meats, there are no rules to what meat you can make a bone broth out of so really you can save your cooked roast bones in the freezer until you have enough for a broth. Feel free to combine different types of meat bones.

04 May 2017
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Bone Broth
Yeah I use venison spine & leg bones & also lamb leg bones (complete with knee cap tendons & ligaments)from boning out a roast pre cooking. They reckon bones that have been roasted give more flavour.

I add celery, leaks, carrots, rosemary & other fresh herbs from the garden, onions garliic or shallots, pepper corns, fresh chilli, bay leaves, Tuneric (managed to get some fresh here), Himalayan salt & anything else I can get my hands on... like streaky bacon mmm bacon fixed everything!

After I've made the broth I go a step further with half of it & use it as a base for a soup.

Cheap & makes a lot yet is so good for you.



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