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Chomp chomp yum yum

10 Jun 2016
@ 09:38 am (GMT)

chris mooney

put whatever recepe you like into a pressure cooker pot. do the basics like frying the onions whatever, then put about 2cm water into the pot with the meat, neck of goat maybe. clamp the lid down and heat untill steam is flowing constantly from the valve, place the weight onto the valve. heat untill steam starts to release from the valve, then reduce heat to just keep steam releasing for 18 mins. turn heat off, and wait for pressure to reduce, test by using your brains, reading the instructions, or just kill yourself. Anyone who does not agree that this is the best way to cook tough meat can just keep on chewing. The toughest meat cooked to perfection in under 60 mins and rat even ant proof storage of your stew in one pot.


12 Jun 2016
@ 02:52 am (GMT)

Steph Foster

Re: Chomp chomp yum yum
Hi Chris, just wondering what brand of pressure cooker you are using.
15 Jun 2016
@ 06:27 am (GMT)

chris mooney

Re: Chomp chomp yum yum
Mine is a Futura, made in India, 7 litre with heavey base, and made of aluminium as most are. I got it from an opp shop years ago, I don't know if you can buy new ones, l troll junk shops when bored and notice the standard ones with the weight in the middle of the lid now an then, an they are fine, but my one is different it has a sort of toggle weight incorrporated with the handle, so doesn't stick up to be bumped to release steam and scald a clumbsy/drunk/young person. If the rubber seal is removed l have made bread in mine, but l had to break it up to get it out, the more usual pc's you could get the whole loaf out. The pc is mostly usefull if there is a large group and they have driven or chopper in with a gas cooker, mine is 7 litre as are most, that is a lot of hangi, which is basically what they are best for, but in much less time. As long as you dont block the steam outlet you can fill it right up, and you only need 2cm H2O in the bottom as long as you dont wonder off to watch tele and leave it unattended to dry out. For most meat, even elephants bum, if you take it up in stages to ensure all the air has been removed, 10 minutes free steaming is plenty for good results.
15 Jun 2016
@ 06:41 am (GMT)

chris mooney

Re: Chomp chomp yum yum
There is lots about future futura pcookers on google, l feel old and stupid now.
19 Sep 2016
@ 05:13 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Chomp chomp yum yum
I've been using the pressure cooker for even softer meats that I want to fall apart. Great for curries!

Also sterilising things, you have have guessed from my picture I'm into fungi so it's great for sterilising things used in mycoculture.
26 Mar 2017
@ 05:55 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: Chomp chomp yum yum
Hey Steff, I use a Stevens pressure cooker. (from Stevens shop - NZ) $100 Its Stainless steel & great to use. But best thing I ever bought for cooking meat like corned beef or shanks or other tough cuts, or doing a bone broth & soups fast.

Pressure cookers rock!



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